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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Saturday!! Fifteen Days??

Did not realize that journaling the process would help this much in keeping on task.

I read about the fact that writing it down helps but until you do it you really feel that it does work.

Plans for today:

Go to Farm Fleet store and purchase some motion lights and ivermectin.
That leads to Plan 2:

Set up motion lights and worm everyone for their followup week.
Also, pour/worm the cattle.

Plan 3:
Give the latest 3 newbies a little human contact experience.
(They still freak when they see people) Although they aren't quite as bad as in the beginning like backing into corners of the building with their hindends halfway up the wall. They look like they are trying to become one with the wall. So wideeyed and FAST...did I mention Fast!!

Reminds me,,go drink another cup of coffee.

Muddy slimy and windy today!
Still though, I think it is going to reach 45-50? Can't beat that!

Now the lights installation should go well, as brother is my handyman today.
....second thought...could be a bit of a job though, Dad is tagging along for his entertainment and there is always a little family noise....Dad likes Noise!!

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