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Friday, June 17, 2011

The Flood of 2011..

Everyone has a sandbag fortress around their homes or businesses.

River is eye level to some...or up to their armpits to others...

Bridges are alot closer to the water...and side slopes have eroded.

Walkways are well underwater...

We're in the middle of it and its been the talk of the town since it began. The Flood!

Nowhere do you travel but that someone speaks of the damage, the stress and the nonstop worry about water. the middle of South Dakota we are accustomed to drought and heat and hoppers.

They first said it was the 100yr its the 500yr Flood.

Regardless, when a thundercloud appears on the horizon, people scurry.

Everyone in this area knows their elevation. Its flooding at the 1434 elevation and thousands of roads and homes are being assaulted. Flash Flood Watches/Warnings are always scrolling. I have loaded more sandbags than my screaming buldged disc can allow.

I on the other hand live on a bluff overlooking the vast Oahe Dam/Missouri River. Just several miles upriver from one of the largest earthen dams in the US.

My elevation is 1856.

I get tornadoes....but at least I know a few more people who might just come help pick up the pieces if I blow down the draw, and is bad...but it could ALWAYS be worse.

I still find a fascination with a Thunderstorm though and what happens happens....its all going to be fine....Just Fine!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Feeding frenzy...

I have 6 bottle babies. One needs to be weaned, but we like him. I'm thinkin I don't want to give him a complex and make him feel neglected. So I water his down a tad.

He hasn't noticed.

I should get a video but it takes all hands, legs and the occassional armpit to feed in the mornings and nights. Sure I have some bottle holders...but some finish faster than others and you better be ready. When they see you coming at the right hour of day, they're always moving fast and licking their lips. Milk...its an addiction!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

If anyone is interested in cute....

here is my webcam... click on goatcam and sign in as guest. Use guest as login and use password as the password. Click the power on button and It'll give you 5 timed minutes. You can zoom in and move the camera around with the toggle screen. If anyone wants to watch the goings on in my world for any longer than that, just contact me and I will give you a login all your own to watch chickens scratch and puppies grow. Always an occassional goat in the picture too, and if your lucky your going to see me cleaning out the rest of the goat pen real soon. My weekends are always full and if your really wanting some entertainment just click on audio connect and you just might hear some real farm words sprinkled in.
Atticus and Tess puppies are the highlight, born June 1, 2011. Birthday puppies for my youngest son and it made it a nice and exciting birthday for him/us. 10 puppies with 6 girls and 4 boys.
3/4 Great Pyrenees and with Tess teaching these puppies what guarding livestock is all about, their sure to be smart little puppies. With Atticus as father, I expect the real braun. Tess is 1/2 English Collie and 1/2 Great Pyrenees and I can't say enough about her attention to her job. Now I'm not saying Atticus isn't smart....but he is just 1 yr old and he acts like a puppy ALOT! He is totally a Great Pyrenees with the mind of his own but he has learned who's boss around here. Tess! Atticus is the one who has the don't approach bark that can be heard for miles and miles. He must have the eyesite of an eagle because he can spot something halfway across the county and bark like crazy. That and he has a very menacing growl.

Tess is only having 1 batch of puppies and I am spaying her and Atticus is going to ride along for his own surgery. I hope to find some excellent farm homes for all of the puppies and I will be requiring a little background on everyone who wants one.
and boy am I going to have a hard time when they are fat fluffy cute as the dickens little playful puppies...
Now if you know of anyone who would like a really well brought up LGD dog just send me an email. These pups are going to be adapted very well to farm life and would make excellent Guardian dogs.
Enjoy and like I might want to prepare yourself for colorful language. Milking season is cranking up shortly!
Seriously this goatcam came in very handy when my does were kidding. While I was at work, it was always up in the corner of my screen and I didn't miss much. Now if only I had an outside cam to watch how the girls are escaping some days. I'm afraid of what goes on when I'm not at home but maybe I don't really want to know.