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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

student driver....

My niece lives with me. She's 17 and needs to learn to drive. This was our first driving lesson....and its a manual shift. If anyone has started on a manual....there are stories to tell.
She also was just gifted a car from a Great Uncle. Its a little car and has lots of miles but its a nice little starter car. We decided tonite was a good night for a test drive. Jorja, I and my daughter, Nicky, loaded into this cute little car and we began with our first driving lesson.

10 and 2...she was a little nervous.....

Nicky was good moral support and comic relief.....and she was a tad nervous herself...

Jorja was tired of photos...

sailing down the road at breakneck speed of 35-40mph she was doing very well...until

all my fault! I had her turn across the road into a boat dock area on the face of the dam and she overshot the turn. She tried to back up on the highway to make the turn and we found ourselves in the ditch on the opposite side of the road. Clutch Brake and Gas were all used simultaneously...resulting in a speedy backup down a slippery slope.
After laughing hysterically....we sized up the situation and called "the Son to the Rescue Squad"!
Son was smiling as he drove up and just quietly smiled the entire time while nicely pulling us out of the ditch...
Here is the Son telling a passerby that everything was just Fine....!!! (note ...still smiling)

We sailed along home again about 40 miles an hour. Although I know Jorja was still quite nervous she did exceptionally well...all things considered. I teased Jorja that I was going to blog about our lesson. I also periodically laughed hysterical...and anyone who knows me...I tend to laugh pretty hard at odd situations. I can't help it!!!
A little pride was hurt but all in all it was an excellent learning experience. I also know that we will be practicing backing and forward turns lots more in the future....Stay Tuned!!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

18hrs old and a spring in her step!

It always amazes me at how fast they learn to use those legs!! 18 hrs old and practicing for the baby races already!

so over this!

come on...get on with it!

Seems lately we've only been teased into thinking that Spring is just around the corner. I have officially hit my limit of snow and cold...ITS TIME!!

Monday, March 28, 2011

up close and personal

she's a good Momma....just don't forget the hand that feeds you.

Friday, March 25, 2011

maybe I did start these seedlings a little early...

it'll be mid-May before the soil is warm enough to even think about setting out plants. By the looks of the tomatoes growing under the Aerogarden, I am going to have tomatoes by June!! I am just amazed at the Aerogarden and how it works. If you pull up the plug where the tomato is growing from just dangles in the water/fish fertilizer solution with its exposed roots. It is the oddest thing but I guess when you think about Hydroponic this is it! Pretty interesting but I am hoping I can transplant these hardy tomato plants without major setbacks. The little tomato plants that are in the soil are at least 2 weeks older. Now isn't that the oddest thing!!??

Thursday, March 24, 2011


Some are careless ...

Some are clingy...

Some hoover over like helicopters..

Some are forgetful....

Some are observant....

Some are calm ....

and then there are those that when you get in the pen to help that just born calf....She gets up in your face and fogs your glasses.....

I always make a mental note every year that the first 8 hrs after KookyII delivers that she is an EXTREMELY vigilant and overly protective Momma....

and every year I let my guard down.

Everything worked out fine and new baby girl is doing exceptionally well!


Note to self. KookyII is and ALWAYS will be a very protective Mother....take caution.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Spring Fever!!

Some baby calves take a walkabout...then they got scared and decided to run...the wrong way of course...

the short clip below is me
running with camera (should of been off) trying to ward off a 8 month old dopey pup who thought the calves wanted to play.... good thing the camera shut off. I would of been teaching alot of folks some new words!

Happy to report though, after a little 20 minute romp, all calves were returned to their Mothers.
and Atticus learned to respond a little faster when called.

Friday, March 11, 2011

and the friday weigh in continues.....

with a weekly loss of 2.6lbs!! Total weigh loss in 6 weeks 14.2lbs.
Again I was afraid....
thinking I had overeaten since I beefed up all my protiens and also added a daily slice of bread.
Also I lost 4lbs of fat and added 2lbs of muscle. They like that! (but still not so convinced on the calulations their little machine gives you)

Seems I was needing the extra protien but I sure don't want to be lulled into the notion that eating extra is the key!! I could almost fall for that right now!

Yesterday my diet buddy and I went to the big city and shopped and goofed

We also made the "Grand Opening of the new Sams Club"...
"Say Sharon are those muffins for you??"
Ok...I admit they were purchased by me as I do have 3 young people at my house who eat ALOT!!

We did however find ourselves at Olive garden and we enjoyed the unlimited bowl of salad and actually did have it refilled at least 3 times. Also we splurged and had some soup and pretty much just spooned through the broth. We are motivated and will stick with this!! And we will be taking those famous photos of us in the exact same place we were standing last year deep in the heart of the Badlands. They were not photos I have shared (they were some before pictures) and I will HOPEFULLY be most proud to share them in a couple short months. Even if it takes just a little longer to get there, I think we have definitely found a different attitude on our foods. Its lots lower on fats, lots lower carbs and NO sugar thats pretty much the routine. Lots and lots of veggies and a pretty reasonable portion of lean meat. No real fad ..but just a very controlled portion of food. Did I mention the fact that there is NO alcohol!! I know I will be craving that frosty mug when summer hits and I need my "Toddy for the Body" after a hard day outside. I always like my reward after working in the garden or fixing fence and the million other outdoor tasks it takes to repair this place after a long winter. Seriously...there has to be a reward!! This dieting is just plain HARD.....but I know it's all going to be so worth it!!!!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Making bread...

My Mother-in-law was such a unique woman in that she was stern and quite black&white about her statements, but yet, she had a heart of butter!! She enjoyed so many of the types of things I find fulfilling. Working outdoors and also playing She also enjoyed making different jams from wild berries and just plain physical work. She was practical and nonsensical and liked things done her way....Totally Me!! Well anyway the part about liking things done her way!!
I was in a homemaking mood yesterday and totally emptied and rearranged my living room. Scrubbing the hardwood floor and walls and all fixtures. Sort of a spring cleaning. I started with my kitchen now today, but was sidetracked.
I was thinking about her as I was washing the bowls that I display but rarely use. I was admiring a beautiful bowl she gave me about a year before she passed away. I know she gave it some thought as to what to honor me with. I always look at that bowl and remember how wonderful of her to think of me. She also gave me a few of her collections of arrowheads and stones she collected over the years again a thoughtful woman.
So in honor of Eva today I made a wheat nut bread that I have been wanting to try.
Course I had to add the sunflower seeds and just a few raw pumpkin seeds to the recipe but it was a beautiful hearty and wonderful smelling bread.
I also had that slice of warm bread and said "Thank You" to Eva for being such a memorable and amazing lady! I cherish that bowl and my memories.
Today though I've realized just how much has changed in my life and how I have been forced to adapt and change with it. Although I still think of my husband each and every day...some days I still feel like I laugh at things and mull over things with him even though he isn't here.
What I do understand more and more is that I am in control of my path and with that I think I'll do just fine!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

for Dan!!

wait 2 weeks he says....OK...I will stagger some planting for 2 weeks..

But meanwhile......the package reads Bloody Butcher Heirloom Tomatoes. Couldn't help myself but they just sounded interesting!!

Atticus and weighing in..

My Friday weigh-in....lost 2.4 lbs this week. Total loss since 2/04 is 11.8lbs. My muscle mass rebounded this last week though with a 2 lb gain and my fatloss(eesch) was down 4lbs. Not convinced on authenticity of the calculations but I'll take it!!

Now for Atticus. We weighed him a couple weeks ago and he weighed in at 110lbs. Not sure if anyone in my household can completely lift him off the ground and weigh him proper anymore....we'll just say....he's still gaining at 7 months old!! He is just a big teddy bear....wait....let's make it polar bear!!

Ice Beard!