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Monday, January 30, 2012

Running for my life....

I took this photo just about 30 minutes ago... 8:15 this evening of Monday the 30th of January.
 Louise had just started heavy labor and I wanted to watch...she was just pushing her bag of waters. She had other ideas after my flash went off in camera,  she escorted me quickly to the nearest fence.  Funny thing though, as I didn't think she was following me that close around the corner of the barn and I turned thinking she didn't chase me that far.  She was hot on my tail...I think the flash bothered her.  I vaulted the fence and dropped camera, the flashlight and my heart.  After I gathered myself up, I wondered why she acted so maternal when I've been right beside her before while she was calving.  Goes to show you, be on your toes!
I left her when I saw the water broke and went to the house...set the timer for 30 minutes and went down to check her.  Nice little heifer calf already trying to stand.  This time, I didn't press her just yet and get in with her.  I'll wait till daylight!  She's got it under control..

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Meyer lemons and farm fresh eggs..

Identical in color and a perfect match...
 I made Meyers Lemon Scones last week and took them to work.  Today, I made them again but used whole wheat and white flour and added dried cherry craisins.  They were even better!

The recipe comes from , they are the real deal!  Crispy, lightly sweet with the wonderful smell of lemon.  I'm going to look into what it takes to become a sconehead.  I think I could do it!  This site has a wonderful recipe index and the pictures...well...they speak volumes.  She is a previous bakery owner and I'm so glad she's shared her recipes.  They're wonderful!
....and again the girls at work will be eating scones.  I didn't bake them at the 400 degrees and slowed them down a bit, so we can toast them again to have at the office this week.   I love the relaxing feel of baking, and donating these at work will keep me on track for my Summer target (I hope).   Next I'm trying out the savory scones.. yup..I think I'm hooked!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Looking in on the girls...

I turned on the camera the other morning...checking in on the goats outside before I went out.  It was pitch dark out. The camera has night vision.  When the first image appeared....a chill ran up my spine.  There stood 10 adult goats all standing shoulder to shoulder with heads facing toward the center.  It was a secret meeting.  Everyone standing and appearing to have a matter of importance..
I watched for a bit then remembered to turn on my sound...Did I hear right?  Murmurs of Social Inequality...a protest movement or whispers of opposition to taxes??  Nope...all I heard was a loud  heavy rhythm of snoring from over in the far corner.  I think Peach might need sinus meds before the girls take matters into their own hands.   I've always noticed that about Peach...she sleeps like a log and snores like a foghorn.  Now, lately when I feed and care for the goats, I look at them all a little differently.  Funny how an image can change your entire opinion. 
  Now to find a solution for Peach before they do....any suggestions folks?

Monday, January 23, 2012

Good Morning!

Heading to work and making ready for Tax Season...I can do it...I can do it!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Soapin fever...

my son just had a birthday!  I gave him tools.  He made me soap molds with his own little hands!

I am very excited.  So excited that I think I'll be having soap overload and I might just fill up that soap rack he also made me for my Birthday!!

I was so anxious to unmold these and slice that when I checked on them just 10hrs later they were solid and ready...

In the years when I stayed home with my children when they were young, I decorated cakes.  Lots of cakes , and that supplemented our income.  I think now I've been able to use that practice on soaps and while they look totally edible, I won't be eating these.  I needed to find an outlet for my need to make scrumptious my waistline has a mind of its own.  The boy is making me some sort of tube holding molds that I can add circles and designs into my soap logs.  I think this is just the start of a very fun year of 2012 Markets.
I have lots of new essential oils and am not afraid to try new natural color ideas.  Gotta go...the soapin fever is taking over..