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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Soapin fever...

my son just had a birthday!  I gave him tools.  He made me soap molds with his own little hands!

I am very excited.  So excited that I think I'll be having soap overload and I might just fill up that soap rack he also made me for my Birthday!!

I was so anxious to unmold these and slice that when I checked on them just 10hrs later they were solid and ready...

In the years when I stayed home with my children when they were young, I decorated cakes.  Lots of cakes , and that supplemented our income.  I think now I've been able to use that practice on soaps and while they look totally edible, I won't be eating these.  I needed to find an outlet for my need to make scrumptious my waistline has a mind of its own.  The boy is making me some sort of tube holding molds that I can add circles and designs into my soap logs.  I think this is just the start of a very fun year of 2012 Markets.
I have lots of new essential oils and am not afraid to try new natural color ideas.  Gotta go...the soapin fever is taking over..


  1. Wow! I am impressed, what a handy boy your have! The molds are nice and I would love to have a drying rack like that. And that soap does looks good enough to eat! Making soap is a good way to pass the winter days...although so is eating yummy baked treats :)..!

  2. Just thought i stop by and thank you for your thoughtful and caring comments in the last few days. I really appreciated them.
    You are right...your soaps look good enough to eat.

  3. Thanks for stopping on over - you certainly look busy making all that goat soap... I can even smell it - Hmmm.... best wishes in 2012

  4. Very nice! The rack and the molds! and the soaps are very pretty!

  5. So cool! You are a soap making beast!!! Love it!