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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

While I go to work and work every day 5 days a week..

and then I come home and work some more.... This is what my children have done for their"Summer Vacation".

getting better...

Of course the "Expert" was his Teacher....

Monday, August 24, 2009

I had a dream...

you best buddy from my home town, she is the Volley Ball coach. We discuss it openly now and then, but I haven't really played Volleyball for some time. I played on a city team for a while when I was younger and found my style was aggressive and balls to the wall....I was sorta scowled at alot, but didn't really care. I am nicer now. Here is where my dream comes into play. Seems I was on my friends team...actually part of this "Young" team with her as the "Traditional" Tough Coach. Now why I even put myself in that position...but here I was...night before a big game. I had a bad case of before the game jitters. Tummy churning..nervous wreck. Now come on, I told myself, it's only VolleyBall. That's when my "dearest friend in the world" says to me...Suck it up and you better play Good tonite!! I was about in tears..actually was a nightmare at that point...then I was starting to come awake and realize..I couldn't play, what was I thinking, My knees would give out, my ankles would crack and pop and scream and not to mention how bad it would look to even trot to the net. No Way in Hell!! Now, I was just trying to come up with an excuse when the alarm went off. Saved by the Bell!! Now Sharon, if you are reading, please understand...I am older now. I don't move as fast and my knees sometimes just go out. I fall down easy and it looks ridiculous if I if you don't mind?? Can I quit Volley Ball?? Please?? I can talk with you about it all you want..just don't make me play any games!!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Ok..any suggestions?!

I am traveling with my parents.....and..I want to give them some fun/goofy memorable stops along the way to do. We are taking a couple of days to get there and I have been looking at some oddities along the way. I found the Ames Brothers Pyramid in Wyoming and another museum along the way that has Shoes made from Big Nose George..I mean to tell you some real worthy stuff if you ask me. Anyway, if anyone can think of some interesting and MOST unusual stops along the way, please give me your suggestions. I travel down through Wyoming and down toward Grand Junction, Co. to our destination. I do go across Nebraska but just the upper northwest corner, so if you can come up with an ususual stop...Please...I just can't wait to see the looks on my parents faces when we stop and they are told what we are about to see. Man..I just love that!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Not a Bad thing here!

My Friday Surprise!!

and their names are...

Immaculate and Conception!

and are they ever gorgeous babies...

well...I was just walkin along when....

Ok ..We have for years been trying to find the elusive Fairburn.

We were in the Badlands again this weekend.

Actually, my VBF and I have been thinking we were trying to find the elusive Fairburn, when all along we had been sidetracked with other fabulous finds. Although..I do believe Sharon has found a couple fairburns without us realizing it.

It was my turn!!
and like I said...I was just walking along..when...I looked down and something was waving at me trying to catch my eye....