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Monday, October 15, 2012

I Got this!

Heck, a little cancer the size of a golf ball?  PHEWT!  I go tomorrow to find out the final results the next steps and (positively) the fact that my child woke up at 3:30 AM to hear me snorting so loud it woke the dead.   I am a lucky one, yes indeed.  Neurosurgeons are amazing Drs. and do we Thank the day they were born?  Not near enough, not near enough indeed.  
Today is the start of a new day, year, life and purpose.  Pure Life!
Whatever the day brings be it!   I've had a brilliant, crazy and whirlwind of an adventure and wouldn't trade a day for my children, my family, my BFF and my life.   I got it good...very good indeed!
Here's to my incredible children and my best friends and I gotta say to all those who have taken the time to meditate, pray, worry and travel.   Life is Good people!

Now, what to buy for the next adventure?  I'm wondering now what did those Dr.s do while they were doing the 8hr "AWAKE" brain surgery.  I think they planted some seeds of wisdom, cuzz I feel a whole lot smarter!