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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Saturday!! Fifteen Days??

Did not realize that journaling the process would help this much in keeping on task.

I read about the fact that writing it down helps but until you do it you really feel that it does work.

Plans for today:

Go to Farm Fleet store and purchase some motion lights and ivermectin.
That leads to Plan 2:

Set up motion lights and worm everyone for their followup week.
Also, pour/worm the cattle.

Plan 3:
Give the latest 3 newbies a little human contact experience.
(They still freak when they see people) Although they aren't quite as bad as in the beginning like backing into corners of the building with their hindends halfway up the wall. They look like they are trying to become one with the wall. So wideeyed and FAST...did I mention Fast!!

Reminds me,,go drink another cup of coffee.

Muddy slimy and windy today!
Still though, I think it is going to reach 45-50? Can't beat that!

Now the lights installation should go well, as brother is my handyman today.
....second thought...could be a bit of a job though, Dad is tagging along for his entertainment and there is always a little family noise....Dad likes Noise!!

Friday, January 30, 2009

14 Days and Counting

Early afternoon now as I had many errands and appts to start my day keeping me from doing a morning post.
Now settling into work. After having a nice office brunch and keeping my count to a very acceptable range, I am looking forward to this weekend with real determination.

Last weekend, I was a little afraid of temptations, but this weekend I feel (pretty) confident. I won't say Totally confident yet, as I have many pounds to go.
Sounds like dear Sis is doing great. I on the other hand have had that trusty little pill reminding me to stay faithful to the menu. I know it is an aid for me but Sis is all willpower and stubborn in her diet technique. We will both be happy when we are drinking Darjeelings and having our Cabana boys by the pool waving those cute little fronds over our heads, resting at some island getaway. We will deserve one nice reward after this!!

I also posted a Postive comment on the alli blog for comments. This pill gets a bad wrap!!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Day 13!!

have to friend, who is also on the Alli Weight loss program.
She is honest anyway, but doing fine. I believe though, she will see results of her work shortly. She mentioned a brownie to me this morning, and I don't want to alarm her, but I too forgot about a chunk of chocolate I inhaled the other day.
I believe it was the culprit of my "wake up call" on Monday night and Tuesday.
Read the label on those things. Just a little candy bar is frightening. Everything else she is eating sounds like the portions are good though.
I would rather eat a big fat turkey lettuce sandwich on low cal bread than splurge on a candy bar now. I have read alot of the comments on the Alli Blog and I do not think people actually followed the directions. I don't do any other exercise than my outside work, and I stick very close to the fat grams per meal. These pills work!! Even though it is mostly respect for the pill and for myself, it is a diet aid that well,,lets just say....cuts the cheese!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

End of Day 12-loss of memory

Not sure,,,but if I weighed right tonite, I have lost a total of 12 lbs. Now that seems nearly impossible as that would be 1lb a day. Do I remember right?? What did I actually weigh when I started? or is the digital scale off?? Batteries low??
What day is it anyway?? Ok,,perhaps I need to start drinking a little more water also.
I could be a bit dehydrated after the attack of Monday night and Tuesdays episode.
Not saying I am putting the skids on yet, since I have at least 25 more pounds to lose, but I will make a commitment to be eating closer to the 15 grms fat per meal from now on. Would hate to see my hair dry up and fall out, but I sure feel satisfyed afer eating and don't seem to need more. I have kept the calories pretty consistent at 1200-1400 a day without trying hard and still snacking if I am hungry -on good things though.
Fear of eating too much fat and the consequences of this pill really get my attention.
Now what was I saying????

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Good thing...

well it could of been a bug but Thankfully it passed....and in quick order I would add.

Sister laughed hysterically as I described the scene..lets just say, I think the donut had something to do with it and the fact that the diet pill is doing its job so here are the Good Things.
Good thing I was on a desolate road.
Good thing I am not afraid of the great outdoors...even if it is 10 below and the
snow up to your get the picture.
Good thing it only took two stops.
and most importantly

Good Thing it was dark!!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Nine- Ten ,,Big Fat Hen

Mouth watering with that one....Ok...Made it past the weekend and all is well!

No bad failings and weight is still in the losing it area.

Back to work keeps a body from the kitchen and one note to self that if you do eat something too greasy or Fat loaded I notice a feeling of heaviness in chest.
Not true discomfort but makes a person need to burp and it just sits in stomach.

Luckily for the coworkers I still don't have the uncontrollable running to poddy problem and think keeping to the plan makes alot of sense. With just the very small indulgence I have done I imagine that if you had a big fat mayo laden burger it would rest in your throat...and that is the true motivator...pain!

I like this pill more and more and don't know if it is doing the working but in combination with fear and counting fat grams it is. I have eaten the healthiest I ever have in this past week.

I walked to the house from the barn and noticed I was moving alot faster already and my energy level really good..I can not wait until Summer!!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sunday - Day 8

Granddaughter arrived late afternoon on Saturday and spent the night.

She is the exercise program! No rest for anyone when the blonde haired entertainer arrives.

She laughs continuously and is in a constant state of motion. 7 years old ...if you could only put that in a pill.

My biggest challenge was having the traditional Sat or Sunday afternoon(when its cold out) cooking session. She likes to sit on the counter and help with any fun recipe we can come up with. Usually cookies or doughnuts and this was my biggest test so far. Cake doughnuts!!
I had 1 and no ill effects. Nothing...really should of had some consequences but none ....but they were so very very tiny?!!!

Taking her to the museum today and walk about..and ..I am making the rest of the kids attend too, now that will be the Test!!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Never take your eye off the Prize,,,or Goat Hoof!!

I did it!

I slept a little too late this morning and decided before I could eat, I needed to feed the animals.
It was 9 before I stepped outside. Everyone was clammoring for their breakfast.
When I arrived at the barn, I noticed 1 of the weaned calves were no longer weaned and enjoying breakfast at her mothers expense. Took note, I would separate her after I fed.
I usually start watering right away as that takes a while for tank to fill and I can feed in the meantime. Went through 3 hoses and found all were solid ice and not going to work. Rolled 1 and took to house to thaw, back down to barn and fed horses, watered chickens, fed cows and decided I could chase the weaned calf back into the pen since all the other calves were busy feeding and not by gate. Opened gate and keeping an eye on any other possible escapees I hurried to the top pen to head the weaning calf down. Easy,,,,did that in a snap but while I was tying off gate I notice the other twin weaned calf was by the mother again.. What the??? I look for a be seen , so I separate him and get him back in with the babies.

Now proceed to take care of goats...I get the bright idea, I will worm and trim feet of the new babies. Get it done and it will feel better. So enter pen,,gingerly,,offer a little goat chow and the bravest one comes close. Note she is quite big, pehaps save her for last...wait...I may run out of steam. So....decide take the opportunity and run with it...and I did. After much crying and screaming I finally succeed in a all wrestle meet and I have her contained. Wormed her and took about 20 minutes of trimming feet to get it right. Didn't look like feet had ever been done before. Release and try for the next smallest. Now this one took more time, she was a better squirmer. Much crying and screaming and I gently pet and coo and get her feet done...20 minutes later. Now,, catch my breathe and go for the wildest wiggiest highest jumping goat I have ever seen. I spend a little more time with her and get her nails ever so manicured and worm her but give her a little more tender petting to assure her eventually she can trust me.

Now the big get back to an upright position after squatting on the floor and kneeling for the last almost an hour. That took me crawling on hands and knees to the chair I brought in with me, and creaking and groaning to get into a standing position. This took much crying and screaming......
Must of been the cold today that stove up my joints......

Friday, January 23, 2009

Friday Night-Day 7

Beef Tips with vegetables and gravy (Schwans-300 cal and 8 grms fat)
Salad with 1/2 cup fat free cottage cheese (80 cal)
using western dressing -low fat of course (60 cal)

That filled me up and even if I splurge and have a nice tapioca pudding (60 cal)
I will feel pretty treated!!

I think I kept my daily count to around 1300 calories total today and weighed in and scale showed the same as when I weighed this morning.. now that has to be good!

I don't usually weigh both morning and night but going into the weekend makes me feel alittle like relaxing and I must remain focused...focus...focus...

Day 7- Made it on base!!

  • I think it is possible to almost see a small amount of progress here... Put on belt this morning and easily it went to the next smallest notch. Scale still shows approximately 3.8 lb loss, but noting a difference in wardrobe fit. Meals are a little monotonous so will experiment a bit on my own with some different choices that are low cal/low fat.

    A good friend of mine just emailed and said she is getting on board. Hardest thing for her will be that she has a gourmet cook for a housemate. She may be having to pretend to eat while feeding Hunter under the table. She will figure it out, I know she has better willpower than me and if I can do it she will do it with little trouble.

Found McDonalds has a sausage egg burrito with only 8 grms fat and add a juice and coffee and breakfast is nice.
Now, lunch is a breeze as a person needs to stay at work and not venture out for fastfood and eat what you bring that is LOWFAT.
It will be the evenings that are the killers....but like I said...she will find creative ways to make it work and....she could always come help me with wildass goats!!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Jezabelle & Lucy Fur

Exercise Program for Jan 22, 2009
1. Enter Pen
2. Speak softly and approach slowly
3. Duck and retreat
4. Make a grab for flying fur or one of 4 sharp hooves vaulting over your head
5. Trip over water bucket you brought in with you
6. Fall Down
7. Find your Glasses and swear

9. Start over with Step 1
10. Do that until step 6 results in full tackle catch (this takes at least 10 times)

11. Hold on with both hands and feet
12. Soothe, sing, pet and hum until there is no more pole vaulting over your head(do all this while gritting teeth)

13. Name this will be a sort of exorcism

Jezabelle and Lucy Fur
Newest additions and lesson in restraint
*note Fat grams intake today was eradicated with evening exercise

Now this is an All Out Race! Day 6

Now seem to be taking this pretty seriously!!

You may just be more of a challenge than I thought!

I really thought this was going to be a pretty easy battle for me, but she is actually pretty stubborn. Who'ld a thought!

I think we could celebrate the first 20lbs sooner than I think!!

Now that will be fun!!
I already have a couple of places in mind too.
Denver is not too far away you know.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Night of Day 5-Yikes

Ok, am waiting for the %$#$ to hit the Fan!! I was rushed to hurry and grab something to snack on in a convenient store. I checked the labels..I turn and behold I see some small bags of peanuts. Now, I sort of remember reading about them being a little high in fat, but such a small package?? I turn them over and I see 2.3 gms fat,,,great!! I buy that and a bottle of Sprite Zero.
Ok,,I am munching and thinking ,,man I like cashews, but I could save part of this bag for later and decide to check the calories closer and other facts. WHAT!! I had only caught the part of the fat that was reading Saturated Fats!! The Whole Fat content was 22grms!! Now I am in trouble, I wonder should I stick my finger down my throat or wait for the inevitable!! This pill really has my attention. So realizing I likely just had my supper, I wait......

A couple hours later, I am doing fine and still on the road and decide OK, I better eat something as we are not going to be home for a couple more hours. Closest Fast Food is Taco Johns, and the best item I could find from my calorie book guide is the Bean Burrito NO Cheese.
So with that said, Tomorrow I hope once again to be discreet on the emissions and hopefully my coworkers will as usual be so very kind and polite and not mention any odors.
My Fat grams could of pushed the limit today and hope to have no repercussions
I am thinking about September for a nice trip! Course, if we do a pre-trip to prepare for a bigger Trip that would be best. Short one ,,,say 4 day to a close destination where sis can eat all the cheese she likes and I could sample the fat in Wine.

Lets say the first 20 pounds we get too!!

Day 5-Settling into it!

Weigh-in this morning. I see movement, small but some. ( no it wasn't what you think either)
3 lbs and counting. I imagine the next week will be a little slower but 3 lbs is quite a start.

I am focusing on a little more protein to make my day a little smoother.
Thank You Lean Quisine!!
Amazing meals and tasty too!

Along with the pill (which instills fear) the ready made portions of low-fat meals and a small amount of commitment, this could be accomplished.

Must be true to my postings and it will keep me on task!

Morning Poem for my Sister:

Good Morning Sunshine!
Your sister is a doll!
She challenges you to a match
for the trip will be this Fall!

Seriously, I will be focusing on a very nice week of rest and relaxation!!
Won't that be Fun!!! Perhaps we could go alone and without the Parents???
or....not...since you need to spend some quality time with the both of them.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I Have Lift Off!! your attention didn't I. Well,, the one thing I did note today was a slight rise in the Methane Gas Production. Although, I kept it discreet, I do believe I managed quite well with no
Exxon Valdex Oil Spills or cleanups in aisle 7. I am going to blame the vapor on having too many dried fruits , prunes, raisins and applesauce. Should go a little easier on the total consumption of prunes for a bit for now.

Dear sister is challenging me to quite a duel and if all goes as I suspect, we will be taking a nice vacation when we get to a summer shorts attire weight. So the Prize!! We will be taking some very nice cruise,, or perhaps a nice Caribbean stay in a warm place with Toddys and Cabana Boys!! We will Succeed!!

Day 4!!!

Feeling extremely well!! Of course this is a very historical day though, I made it to day 4!!

and of course the tide is turning

But, not to distract from my attempt at shaving off a few needed pounds, I remain focused.

Still no treatment effects! Wonder if this pill is really a pill??!!

Then again, I have great respect for all those before me that have used and reported on this Diet Aid. It has instilled the fear necesary to stick to the plan. User comments on this pill are hysterically frightening if you do not follow the plan. With that in mind I remain close to Doodyland and keep a watchful eye on occupancy.

Breakfast will need to change and Blueberry Special K again and juice.
A little more exploration on hot breakfast for tomorrow.

Diet Buddy needs a blog! This is helping to journal and stay honest with the endeavor.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Day 3-End of Day

Made it!!

Supper was none too soon. Too hungry ...need a little more protein to last the day.

Had half slice of bread and 2 slices of thin roast beef immediately- Less than 3 ounces. Did outside chores for 1 hour and came in.

Ate my supper of chicken ravioli something of Lean Quisine. Added 7 peeled deveined shrimp.
Needed the protein. Still less than 10 gms fat and 350 calories.

Visited with my Diet Buddy aka Sasquatch. Funny story I will explain later...

Still quite comfortable and no internal pressure..actually feeling very good.
No side effects to speak of, hopefully it won't hit me from behind??!!!

Day Three- Hungry

Very hard before bed to NOT be thinking of something piled high with meat and cheese and mayo and tomatoes and lettuce and the bun perfectly toasted.

Ok,,slobbering now!

As Pooh Bear would say,(funny pun) anyway he would say "There's a rumbly in my Tummy!"

Wasn't so bad, but I think I went over the fat intake last evening by about 4 grams.
Hence the cause...Won't do that again. Scarey punishment!! Could of been alot worse since the surprising part is the fact that there is NO WARNING!!
Nothing to set your bells and whistles to alert you. No cramps, no feeling of urge. What the ...............just thought I needed to go #Uno. Now that makes you better stick to the fat intake!!!!

So,,again with the blueberry Special K and a cup of juice.

Will focus on a nice course of stuffed cabbage and veggies rounded off with a nice serving of Double Fudge Pudding. All lowfat and low on calories.

Work at the office today, not enough excercise here, but am going to clean the rest of the girls pen out tonite. That will give me a good dose of cardio/calorie burn.

Today I am Pumped!!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Evening-Day Two

Worked outside till noon and came in to have a nice Lean Quisine meal of Chicken/stuffing with mashed potatoes. Cup of non fat Tapioca pudding.

Sat down and didn't open my eyes again until 3...must of been the triptafins.
Or some other sleep inducing assault,,could of been food tv. Anyway, comatose for several hours.

Cleaned house for a time and took down the large green object in corner of room gathering dust.

Back outside and realized the calves and cows that I had seperated in the morning were all waiting for me to open the gate for the cows to go to water. I was hoping they would figure out the other way to the source , but didn't seem to work. Filled the top tank as it is suppose to be warmer thru the week. Hopefully someone will note the other way to the barn and realize warmer water is waiting for them there.

Much crying from the baby room, but I took a bale of straw for them to play with and all were satisfyed for a bit. Trying to play, jump and tromp on that little bale will keep them entertained until dark and then they will all fight to lay on it for evening sleep.

Still no seismic tremors, volcanic disturbances or ominous noises.
There seems to be a hush over the world right now.
Leaving me to wonder.....

Day Two

Morning breakfast- blueberry Special K with sliced banana , Hi-C orange crush drink.
all total = measley 240 calories

No signs, symptoms, internal combustion or cabin pressure noted.
Nada, Zip, Zilch!!!

Poundage shows a slight drop. Could be lack of calories and Fat intake. Would be interesting to have a test subject eating the same without adding the pill!?

All instruments Ck!!

Outside for the day but not too far from powder room.

Song of the day!!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Day One-Excercise Program

Worked outside, hauling, fixing fence, shoveling and petting for 3 hours.

Broke my word on the heavy lifting and still do not notice any strange or unusual disturbance.

Then again, Kokomo and Gus did think I was one of them. Could be, I had a familiar smell.

Supper at 7:30

Remembering a procedure I had done several years ago and something was mentioned on the record amount of ....well...anyway....treatment effects could take several days with that in mind.

Day One-Alli

Ok,,,no drastic change.

Do not do heavy lifting today,,just in case.

Also quite sensitive to any risky farts.

Hope my sister is following this,,she will snort!