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Friday, January 23, 2009

Day 7- Made it on base!!

  • I think it is possible to almost see a small amount of progress here... Put on belt this morning and easily it went to the next smallest notch. Scale still shows approximately 3.8 lb loss, but noting a difference in wardrobe fit. Meals are a little monotonous so will experiment a bit on my own with some different choices that are low cal/low fat.

    A good friend of mine just emailed and said she is getting on board. Hardest thing for her will be that she has a gourmet cook for a housemate. She may be having to pretend to eat while feeding Hunter under the table. She will figure it out, I know she has better willpower than me and if I can do it she will do it with little trouble.

Found McDonalds has a sausage egg burrito with only 8 grms fat and add a juice and coffee and breakfast is nice.
Now, lunch is a breeze as a person needs to stay at work and not venture out for fastfood and eat what you bring that is LOWFAT.
It will be the evenings that are the killers....but like I said...she will find creative ways to make it work and....she could always come help me with wildass goats!!

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