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Friday, October 16, 2009

What Would YOU do!??

I took my youngest boy, 15, to the dentist. I asked like any good Momma if he needed me to go into the room with him. I got a huge...NO..and one of those sighing eye I guess he was going to suck it up. Well, while I am waiting and reading several magazines and relaxing on the comfy leather sofa, out came a lady who had been in with the Dr. already. She came out and sat down and I could tell she was about to I kept silent and tried not to bother her. She not only started crying, but had the saddest and heart wrenching sobbing going on and all while trying extremely hard to control it. I felt awful for her...I was trying to imagine what possibly had her so upset and what could I say to comfort her. I finally said with a compassionate expression "are you OK?" She mumbled yes...while still trying to keep it in check. Pretty soon she was all out sobbing and having one of those sobs that comes with losing a loved one...believe me I know and it looks ridiculous in public places. I am sorry I said, but can I do anything for you? Still she shook her head and softened her eyes...but I couldn't leave it alone and asked if she had lost someone? I didn't want it to sound like I was prying so I added a little humor and asked if the Dentist had done that to her. She did smile with that, but if I left her alone with her thoughts she would just sob all the more. I was actually surprised she stayed in the room. I know she had been with a teenager just before my son went in and she was most likely waiting. I also wonder if she would of walked outside and had a little more privacy if she could of stopped herself from going to that spot where you completely break down.

I've been wondering all day, What could I have done to make her feel better? She was a complete stranger and if I would of hugged her she may of punched me in the nose. Maybe I should of gotten her a drink of water or tissue.
I was totally caught off guard...seems I have been thinking I was the only one in the universe who could cry at a moments notice.
I guess I am not alone!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Whats wrong with this picture??

Dan's Favorite what we so fondly call her...but I think another one she goes by is Chitty Chitty...Bang Bang for the full effect. She was spoiled in the beginning and it seems to be a quality that spills over into her manners..her curiosity and her drive to outwit the humans.

She is a bit of a trouble maker and always looks completely innocent when you go to feed. Right after this photo, I hurried out to see that she didn't attempt to come back over and get tangled up in the know how a goat can manage the unmanagable. Well, by the time I got outside I thought to feed the girls within the fence and see how she actually got out or could get in. Her jump from top of the bale was flawless and would of been the marvel of an Olympic Gymnist. She was under foot in the blink of an eye and I put down the grain and walked over with a steel post and the pounder and straightened the fence to a straight 90 degree angle as to make it unavailable for the fleet of foot to walk up and hop to the top of the Feed Buffet.
It won't be long before she surprises me yet again with some unthinkable act of houdini-ism..She is just Good!

Bad News...Good News!!

Ok, bad news is that the son who helps out with occassional issues with mechanical and building things is moving..OK ...some may not think thats all bad, I suppose as that is the intent with children...eventually!! For me..I like to think I always have someone who I can comfortably ask for help with jump starting vehicles, keeping cows in with fixing fences and replacing BobCat parts and engines..but all is not soo bad. I mean he is only moving some 1/8th of a mile down the road and bought a very large building with 8 acres. He is rennovating into a living quarters and warehouse for his Business and along with him goes his favorite dog...Here is the Good News! ...and her name is Tess...

See..I've wanted an LGD for a while now and since I have a few too many dogs...getting one more was just not practical. My dear sister sent me a classified on puppies for sale this weekend and my son just HAPPENED to be in that area of the state picking up materials for his new place. I called the lady and she talked about her goats( Alpines) and her 60+ goat operation and how she just built her Dream Milking Barn!! She had my full attention and I found her to be a person I could totally enjoy being friends with. I all but said, YES but had to call my sister who lives near her to beg her to travel to this place and pick up puppy to rendevous with my son. Her pups are from a Reg. Pyrenees and the Father is a Full Blood English Collie...and I had to look that one up..seems there are a thousand varieties of Collies. Now if she would of said the Father looked just like Lassie then I would of had an image....but I didn't want to sound too ignorant and just asked for their instincts on Herd Protection. She told me about the Mom and how she could hold off Mountain Lions in her territory and how she was gentle enough that she took in an abandoned doeling and was nursing it and keeping it cozy until she found her. Then all about the Dad being very family protective and a very self secure and confident. I was pretty wowwed by it all and also thrilled to finally decide on one. Now for the photos...and believe me she is as sweet as they come and since she was born and raised with lots of goats she is not afraid at all. Now to start with the anyone out there who knows lots on Guardian Dogs just give me a holler!! I hate to make too many mistakes and hope her instincts are pretty keen. Coyote season, I am afraid, is just around the corner!!