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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Whats wrong with this picture??

Dan's Favorite what we so fondly call her...but I think another one she goes by is Chitty Chitty...Bang Bang for the full effect. She was spoiled in the beginning and it seems to be a quality that spills over into her manners..her curiosity and her drive to outwit the humans.

She is a bit of a trouble maker and always looks completely innocent when you go to feed. Right after this photo, I hurried out to see that she didn't attempt to come back over and get tangled up in the know how a goat can manage the unmanagable. Well, by the time I got outside I thought to feed the girls within the fence and see how she actually got out or could get in. Her jump from top of the bale was flawless and would of been the marvel of an Olympic Gymnist. She was under foot in the blink of an eye and I put down the grain and walked over with a steel post and the pounder and straightened the fence to a straight 90 degree angle as to make it unavailable for the fleet of foot to walk up and hop to the top of the Feed Buffet.
It won't be long before she surprises me yet again with some unthinkable act of houdini-ism..She is just Good!


  1. She is keeping you on your toes! If she wasn't doing her "job", you might get a little too comfy with your feet up and a beer in hand! HA!

  2. you have that right!! and I think with this weather..I shall switch to Hot Buttered Rum!! Snow on the ground already and winter is Tomorrow they say! Major Yuck!!

  3. She is quite the mischevious goat!
    :) Tracey