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Friday, December 30, 2011

I like even numbers!

I just I welcome 2012 with all its surprises, happiness and excitement!  Where did the last 12 years go as I was just listening to all the hubbub about the year 2000! 
This new year is the year I am getting my new barn.  I have the plans and I have the ground work done.  It'll be 36 X 54 with an 8ft porch on one side.   I want the new half wall panels on the south that allow the sun to shine through and I have it planned for the front 12X30 to have a nice office, kitchen (for soaping)...I am pretty darn excited about it.  Funny what makes us happy.  I'm still deciding on those little extra doodads on the roof.  For the price of them, I could add air conditioning...soo...those are on the backburner for now.  Course my doors are going to be in different locations, but its pretty similar in design.  I will drive my used vehicle until the wheels fall off to get this project underway.  I've already got the ideas on the kitchen/office/apartment...that I dream about.  My goats will enjoy and a few cattle will get the special treatment during the height of a SD blizzard.  Its my goal for 2012 and I just think it might get here!