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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Atticus weigh in...28 days later..

Nickys little foot in comparison to his....

he gains like I do...24 lbs in 28 days! He now weighs 75 lbs and is just a week shy of being 5 months old!! He doesn't seem to eat any more than the other dogs but boy does he pack it!

He is one big marshmallow! Just about the same size as Tess, but with all the puppy fur and not quite as stocky as Tess.

He is definitely loveable!!

Monday, December 27, 2010

my favorite Christmas gift!

my granddaughter...who decided it was time to ride Scooter (her horse and one of the biggest pets I have). And everyday she did just that, ride! She had me of course keeping the horse in check, but she even decided she could get off and almost on by herself. I like that the grandkids both enjoy being outside with me and it truly made my Christmas! One of my older sons made a game of a treasure map outside and my grandson was more than excited in finding the treasure...It was a very good holiday memory.

Today I realized that I really need to be in much better shape if I am going to keep up with them. My legs are a little traumatized from the march through the snow with horse and child.

Frankly if there had been a blizzard, I think that girl would of braved it just to go out and sit on that horse. I did teach her one memorable thing though...and told her to smell the fur of her horse. Which she did and went "AHHHHHH" with a huge smile on her face! I told her its the best smell in the world....and I bet ...I just bet...she remembers that forever!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

if only these pictures had a sound button...

you would of heard the hundreds of Northern Canadian Geese flying overhead!
What a spectacular moon last evening. I could of walked to the river and back without a flashlight and I could see for miles in all directions. Such a thought that while I gazed at that illuminous did millions and millions of others! Merry Christmas all!

Monday, December 20, 2010

There should be a prize for the biggest WORRIER!!

I would win it hands down...

My big dog Tess, she has had a tiny limp for a month. I am saying tiny limp too, you would watch her race across the field/yard/pasture like nothing was wrong...but on a slow walk...there it was. So watched her and was thinking it was most likely sprained. Not a bad limp but just a little hop on occassion.

Then this weekend, she went totally 3 legged! Not letting that bad paw touch the ground. So Saturday, while I did chores and she hopped was exactly like when one of the kids took fever on a friday night. Worry..Worry and Worry!! Was it going to get worse over the weekend and she would need it amputated?? Could it be Bone CANCER!!!??? Was I going to have to put her down because of the PAIN!!!???? ARRRGGGHHHH!!!

I had my son load her up and bring her to town today when I could get her an appt with the vet.

AND...after just talking to the vet, it seems she has an absess. Just simply draining it and having a little antibiotic! OK...OK...I feel so relieved now.

But really?? I can totally WORRY to the extreme...and it seems I'm getting better and better
and better.....

Friday, December 10, 2010

a Hoar Frost!!

(click on photos to enlarge)

We had spectacular frost...but it was also followed later that day with Spectacular fog!

The kind that stops you dead in your tracks! Thankfully the fog only lasted a few hours but I did get some fantastic photos of the frost before it all melted.


and poor Gus did get that date he was dreaming about....

Thursday, December 2, 2010

weighing Atticus!

Atticus has become quite the big baby around our house. Even Tess my year old Collie/Pyrenees is quite a protector already and guards him like she does the goats.
He has found a very attentive life here and has an easy going smiley attitude. So we decided to track his growth and weighed him last Tuesday. This is what we got...

so this is the scale when my lightweight daughter is weighing herself.. 96.5 lbs.

and after she hoists up the big furry baby...

I know its hard to read, but they weighed in at close to 146.

(ignore the books on coffee table, sometimes I can't find a thing to read!)
anyway on to the post...
So last week he weighed right around 48-49 lbs.
Last night we weighed him again and I will say that Thanksgiving was good to him. He gained 3 lbs....but so did I!