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Monday, December 27, 2010

my favorite Christmas gift!

my granddaughter...who decided it was time to ride Scooter (her horse and one of the biggest pets I have). And everyday she did just that, ride! She had me of course keeping the horse in check, but she even decided she could get off and almost on by herself. I like that the grandkids both enjoy being outside with me and it truly made my Christmas! One of my older sons made a game of a treasure map outside and my grandson was more than excited in finding the treasure...It was a very good holiday memory.

Today I realized that I really need to be in much better shape if I am going to keep up with them. My legs are a little traumatized from the march through the snow with horse and child.

Frankly if there had been a blizzard, I think that girl would of braved it just to go out and sit on that horse. I did teach her one memorable thing though...and told her to smell the fur of her horse. Which she did and went "AHHHHHH" with a huge smile on her face! I told her its the best smell in the world....and I bet ...I just bet...she remembers that forever!


  1. Sounds like a wonderful time for everyone!!

  2. Yup, she will remember that smell the rest of her life! Pure heaven is what that smell is. Pure heaven.
    I can 'see' the huge smile on your and your Grandaughters face.
    You had one of the best gifts you could ever have received.

  3. What a great Christmas! I bet you are right she won't forget the smell of horse or that Christmas!

  4. What a great gift! And she WILL remember that forever... such a fabulous Grandma you are!!