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Thursday, June 28, 2012

because I need this written down somewhere-F150 PU

So yesterday, I took my pickup in to have oil change and see why it shimmys/shakes and vibrates so hard when I drive 70mph.  Usually its mud in the wheels.  Seems it throws it out of whack on occassion.
So the fella calls and says, "Deb, your leaving for a road trip you say tomorrow?"  me: Yup  him: Bad news, you HAVE to have new tires!  me: whaaaa...whaaa...whaaa.. him: well, if you want to make it there in one piece and I want you to make it there in one piece, your NEEDING new tires!! me:  But, I just bought tires for this thing!!  him: ahhh...that was 3 yrs ago.   me: seriously?  seems like only yesterday?!

So, new tires it is and I am still traveling far and wide for a cupola tomorrow.  I just told the fella doing the barn that I am adding that cupola too.  He looks at feet and shuffles a bit, then asks how heavy is that thing.  I tell him I'm thinkin its only about a 100lbs.  (My son thinks its around 1000lbs. and I didn't tell that to my barn guy though)  Don't want to scare him.  I will just tell him I know he can attach it and I know he will do such a nice job that it will sustain hurricane winds, tornado funnels and our typical breezy SD wind on any given day! And folks I did do my homework and called the contracter I am purchasing the material through about structure support on the roof for this thing.  I wanted to make sure rafters will hold several hundred lbs of weight proper and withstand the load, and also, save me the hassle/holdup if an additional rafter needed to be added.
I know my builder will do it and I'm going to start having sweet rolls and coffee ready for him these next few days.  I think that should soften him just fine!

Today now they pour the concrete in the holes for anchor supports.  This thing is coming along nice and when I approached my house last night after work and saw the barn from miles away...I was thinking..Holy crap that thing looks huge!  It'll be a fine barn, yes a fine barn indeed!
Now a quick look at what historically has been known to happen at my house.  Even though this photo is in a balmy southern state or island somewhere..let it be known...I have a fully intact trampoline that resides in the bottom of a river these days.  I know this, because on low tide day..the legs would stick out of the water showing a complete circle of the trampoline.  Wish'd I'ld taken a photo back then.   Funny the images that do burn in memory though.  Hopefully the Cupula stays put!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

It has begun!

I did the building pad with my own two little hands...oh yea...and that trusty little skidsteer sitting over yonder.

that would be D.J. rolling out there in the middle.  Seems all the dogs like that comfy feel of cool gravel.

So there lays Atticus stretched out over in the other corner.
And just arriving yesterday lays the beginnings of the new barn.
Now here's my morning view out the side entrance of the building.  I'm thinking I'll have to have a window over this side.  I just might like a picture window at that!  It would be a shame not to see the sunrise every morning. Yup...and I know right where I'm having my morning coffee.  Hope the goats like the smell of fresh ground coffee in the morning.  Something tells me they'll be hollering for their own mug before long.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Mom and Dad

They are aging pretty quickly these last couple of years.  Its been hard to watch, but yet we have lots to be thankful for.  They're still here...They're in relatively good health...They still remember our names...pretty much anyway.  Mom has been showing signs of major short term memory loss, and sometimes her stories are looped many many many times in a few minutes.  Amazing some of the things she will remember from 70 yrs ago and lots of things that are the immediate that she can forget! Well today Mom wanted an eye exam.  Dad drove her to town, (some 55 miles one way) and I met them for lunch.  We talked about an old neighbor and how he was a dominant type with women.  Mom all of a sudden remembered going after parts for the Dad when we lived at the farm and that day while in town, she picked up groceries. Now note that this story came out of the blue.  She said the neighbor was telling Dad how to save money while Mom was bringing in groceries from the car.  (The men folk were around the kitchen table discussing money woes.)  Mom said after she had brought in the last bag, the neighbor said "See there, right there you could save some money!"  " You could take away her keys!"  Well, Mom had to repeat that story several times before I could distract her long enough to move onto another topic.  While Dad sat there in amazement that she could remember a point in time some almost 60 yrs ago like it was yesterday.  He said, "Wow, and this is the first time I've heard that story?".  Mom on the other hand was getting more riled up just talking about that old neighbor.   I thought about reminding her that he(neighbor) passed away some 20 yrs ago, but she was so worked up over it...I just changed the subject.  It looped around again and I had to get creative and really switch topics.  I just keep telling myself that the reason I was challenged with my daughter Erin was to help me handle, deal and understand my parents now.  Trust me on my daughter Erin, she can throw a curve ball at me on any given day! 
So as my parentsdrove away from the restaurant...I was suddenly struck with how fragile they are.
so I followed them downtown to where Dad was heading to get his hair cut....
They didn't know I was tailing them and I just hung back and watched them...
Mom just hanging out waiting in the car....

thats when I hollered in and scared the bejeebas out of her.....
She cussed me like the dickens.  I do those sorts of things just to keep her on her toes.  She did wave me off though and if my sister is reading this...she did wave with just one finger.   MOM!!  She was chuckling like she had gotten away with something though. 
I think the devil in us came from my Moms side.  Sure she acts the innocent but truly she's the one who gets everyone in trouble and still she looks the angel.  She's always pretending to polish her halo. 
I've also decided today that while my parents are aging too quickly for me, its all Ok and I will just keep treating them like they still have it.    You just never know, but like I tell my own children "Your day will come and you'll be treating me extra special too."    Well you see, thats my Mom coming out in me there...kinda setting the stage for this ole girl to be looked after in her golden years.  Yup, I get that part from my Mom...sneaky that way she is!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

While this isn't my barn...

I'm making ready for one!  I just ordered the bulk of the material yesterday and the building process will officially start this next week!

but I want a craigslist came in real handy.  I was surprised at how many cupolas there are in Minnesota.  You'ld think it was the freeby that came with every barn package back in the day. I love them!!  Now to tell the crew who are building the barn that I want that cupola mounted like no other.  Its gotta stand up to a good breezy day in South Dakota, or that possible wind shear that most probably is a tornado...but the weather man can't really say it! 

I have been adding to this barn from day one...oh about 3yrs ago.  At this point I think adding a little cupola can't possibly tip the scale.  But it might just tip the crew that this woman they're building for is going to be a handful!  Good thing they gave me that bid up front!

Monday, June 11, 2012

First official dip in the pond..

Weather was warmest on Saturday.  Toward evening it was hitting 98 degrees.  The Missouri River is only a few minutes down a dirt path from my house.  It was inviting the kids all afternoon.
So, we loaded kids and dogs and headed for the River.
First in was Chance, young son, who donned his trusty wetsuit.  He noted his feet and hands did go numb within a few minutes. 
Next up Granddaughter and her Uncle.
     and while they screeched around and tried to adjust, it didn't take long to exit the lake.

                                              I think the water was in the low 60's.  Tad cold! 
  Now granddaughter is a real farm girl when she comes visit.  She can get dirty like the best of them, even though she's a little princess.  While she LOVES to dress and fancy herself to the hilt...she can get absolutely filthy and have the best time!  So when someone suggested covering themselves in mud to warm their bodies the survivor way...she hopped right to it.
Didn't help alot as she had to take another dip just to rinse off for the ride home!
Even though it was pretty frosty..I'ld just bet they'ld do it again...and again....and again..

Tuesday, June 5, 2012


                                                              had a beautiful start!
                                          little showers were all around us on the horizon...
                            and I always wonder how many beautiful sights the cattle see in a day...
              They rarely look up much though, and grass is growing and they seem to chase it all day...
                      course the babies are always lounging around and just waiting for a little excitement...
                                                 and  Mommas are busy just chasing grass ....

                                 I wonder if they notice how beautiful it is on days like this....
and while I head to work, I envy the life of my cattle today...lounging, snacking and watching a few storms skirt across the sky.  I love thunderstorms on the horizon, and don't mind one bit when they arrive with all the noise and lightening they bring.  Can't say I like the nasty stuff, but the typical thunderstorm that rumbles and lights up the sky is one of my favorite things.  Weatherman is just gearing up in my neck of the woods and rain is forecast for almost every single day.  I'll have to be ready with the camera to capture a few good light shows.   Living on top a butte with a wide open view in all directions, lends me to lots of time to see approaching storms.  Thing is...I'll be outside taking pictures instead of holed up in the basement.   I'll play it smart and try not to stand outside too long though because even though it doesn't appear the cattle notice these gorgeous views...I think they'ld miss me...well at least thats what I think!