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Thursday, June 28, 2012

because I need this written down somewhere-F150 PU

So yesterday, I took my pickup in to have oil change and see why it shimmys/shakes and vibrates so hard when I drive 70mph.  Usually its mud in the wheels.  Seems it throws it out of whack on occassion.
So the fella calls and says, "Deb, your leaving for a road trip you say tomorrow?"  me: Yup  him: Bad news, you HAVE to have new tires!  me: whaaaa...whaaa...whaaa.. him: well, if you want to make it there in one piece and I want you to make it there in one piece, your NEEDING new tires!! me:  But, I just bought tires for this thing!!  him: ahhh...that was 3 yrs ago.   me: seriously?  seems like only yesterday?!

So, new tires it is and I am still traveling far and wide for a cupola tomorrow.  I just told the fella doing the barn that I am adding that cupola too.  He looks at feet and shuffles a bit, then asks how heavy is that thing.  I tell him I'm thinkin its only about a 100lbs.  (My son thinks its around 1000lbs. and I didn't tell that to my barn guy though)  Don't want to scare him.  I will just tell him I know he can attach it and I know he will do such a nice job that it will sustain hurricane winds, tornado funnels and our typical breezy SD wind on any given day! And folks I did do my homework and called the contracter I am purchasing the material through about structure support on the roof for this thing.  I wanted to make sure rafters will hold several hundred lbs of weight proper and withstand the load, and also, save me the hassle/holdup if an additional rafter needed to be added.
I know my builder will do it and I'm going to start having sweet rolls and coffee ready for him these next few days.  I think that should soften him just fine!

Today now they pour the concrete in the holes for anchor supports.  This thing is coming along nice and when I approached my house last night after work and saw the barn from miles away...I was thinking..Holy crap that thing looks huge!  It'll be a fine barn, yes a fine barn indeed!
Now a quick look at what historically has been known to happen at my house.  Even though this photo is in a balmy southern state or island somewhere..let it be known...I have a fully intact trampoline that resides in the bottom of a river these days.  I know this, because on low tide day..the legs would stick out of the water showing a complete circle of the trampoline.  Wish'd I'ld taken a photo back then.   Funny the images that do burn in memory though.  Hopefully the Cupula stays put!

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  1. Oh, my. Yes, well, we will hope that the fish do not order up a cupola for their barn. :)