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Monday, June 11, 2012

First official dip in the pond..

Weather was warmest on Saturday.  Toward evening it was hitting 98 degrees.  The Missouri River is only a few minutes down a dirt path from my house.  It was inviting the kids all afternoon.
So, we loaded kids and dogs and headed for the River.
First in was Chance, young son, who donned his trusty wetsuit.  He noted his feet and hands did go numb within a few minutes. 
Next up Granddaughter and her Uncle.
     and while they screeched around and tried to adjust, it didn't take long to exit the lake.

                                              I think the water was in the low 60's.  Tad cold! 
  Now granddaughter is a real farm girl when she comes visit.  She can get dirty like the best of them, even though she's a little princess.  While she LOVES to dress and fancy herself to the hilt...she can get absolutely filthy and have the best time!  So when someone suggested covering themselves in mud to warm their bodies the survivor way...she hopped right to it.
Didn't help alot as she had to take another dip just to rinse off for the ride home!
Even though it was pretty frosty..I'ld just bet they'ld do it again...and again....and again..


  1. Is that hotter than usual for you all up there? That looks like a great way to cool off to me!

  2. Ewwww....takes a kid to love the mud, huh? Too funny! And what a lovely lake!

  3. I love that they went in - if just for a little bit. I always liked to see that my daughters weren't afraid of dirt - but knew how to clean up good too. Sounds like a day full of sensory fun.