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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

It has begun!

I did the building pad with my own two little hands...oh yea...and that trusty little skidsteer sitting over yonder.

that would be D.J. rolling out there in the middle.  Seems all the dogs like that comfy feel of cool gravel.

So there lays Atticus stretched out over in the other corner.
And just arriving yesterday lays the beginnings of the new barn.
Now here's my morning view out the side entrance of the building.  I'm thinking I'll have to have a window over this side.  I just might like a picture window at that!  It would be a shame not to see the sunrise every morning. Yup...and I know right where I'm having my morning coffee.  Hope the goats like the smell of fresh ground coffee in the morning.  Something tells me they'll be hollering for their own mug before long.


  1. Have fun, and don't spoil those goats too much!

  2. Oh, what a view! Yes, a picture window! Those goats will likely join you for sure 'cuz, you know, they always want what you have...the grass is always greener and all that! :)