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Tuesday, June 5, 2012


                                                              had a beautiful start!
                                          little showers were all around us on the horizon...
                            and I always wonder how many beautiful sights the cattle see in a day...
              They rarely look up much though, and grass is growing and they seem to chase it all day...
                      course the babies are always lounging around and just waiting for a little excitement...
                                                 and  Mommas are busy just chasing grass ....

                                 I wonder if they notice how beautiful it is on days like this....
and while I head to work, I envy the life of my cattle today...lounging, snacking and watching a few storms skirt across the sky.  I love thunderstorms on the horizon, and don't mind one bit when they arrive with all the noise and lightening they bring.  Can't say I like the nasty stuff, but the typical thunderstorm that rumbles and lights up the sky is one of my favorite things.  Weatherman is just gearing up in my neck of the woods and rain is forecast for almost every single day.  I'll have to be ready with the camera to capture a few good light shows.   Living on top a butte with a wide open view in all directions, lends me to lots of time to see approaching storms.  Thing is...I'll be outside taking pictures instead of holed up in the basement.   I'll play it smart and try not to stand outside too long though because even though it doesn't appear the cattle notice these gorgeous views...I think they'ld miss me...well at least thats what I think!


  1. I love a good summer storm too ,as long as it is not dropping out tornadoes. Heck we get to wishing for tropical storms and mild hurricanes every time it dries up down here! I know more than just the cows would miss you if you got lightening struck or sucked up to the land of Ozz!

  2. Oh, such beautiful views! Is that a lake or a large pond? The Goatmother grew up in Oklahoma...she doesn't miss the tornadoes, but she sure misses a good old thunderstorm.

    1. I live on a bluff just above the Lake Oahe (Missouri River). For the last 23 yrs, I've lived within a short walk of a river. I think I'll always want to live beside the water now. A view you just can't get enough of!

  3. Thunderstorms are so invigorating...your world is so wide open and you can see for miles and miles...I love that feeling. Here...things are so close...almost cramped. The cattle are very fortunate...and I love the term chasing grass!!!