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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

While this isn't my barn...

I'm making ready for one!  I just ordered the bulk of the material yesterday and the building process will officially start this next week!

but I want a craigslist came in real handy.  I was surprised at how many cupolas there are in Minnesota.  You'ld think it was the freeby that came with every barn package back in the day. I love them!!  Now to tell the crew who are building the barn that I want that cupola mounted like no other.  Its gotta stand up to a good breezy day in South Dakota, or that possible wind shear that most probably is a tornado...but the weather man can't really say it! 

I have been adding to this barn from day one...oh about 3yrs ago.  At this point I think adding a little cupola can't possibly tip the scale.  But it might just tip the crew that this woman they're building for is going to be a handful!  Good thing they gave me that bid up front!


  1. Well, being from Minnesota, I think that a cupola seems completely reasonable.

    1. If you see any in your area, you give me a shout! I am not afraid of a little road trip for a siree!

  2. Oh! Can't wait to see your completed barn!