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Thursday, August 1, 2013

It's been awhile...

but all is normal as usual...
baby goats are hopping from table to table..
calves are still enjoying warm milk daily...
chickens working hard in the egg department...
but also a rare few Momma hens find a hiding spot and are multiplying....
and wonderful goats milk is being collected...


and Summer has been too fast.  I'm taking time to post on the blog today.
It would take a novel to tell you the rest of my Summer happenings.
but I'll spare you..

Hope to catch you all before Fall....but don't fret if I go missing for a bit.
Some things are just too fun to do while the Summer is upon us.  Just know, I'm enjoying the sunshine, the warmth and the long days.  It's the  busiest Best time of year!


Friday, May 10, 2013

Country Farmers Market Kickoff, May 25th!

I've got plenty of soaps basking on the racks and lots of eggs to bring to the Market on the 25th!
I think I'm most anxious just connecting with old friends and hearing the stories about their Winter what's been happening.

I even have room for Star Brite to attend.  She is my Fainter goat, and she is the absolute "BEST" at courting the public!  She loves her carrots and raisins and cheerios and most of all sunflower seeds!
Bring the kids don't forget the camera!  She loves attention!

Monday, April 29, 2013

What goes on inside when a mini-blizzard is going on outside!

Its end of April, the third week of this month we had our (hopefully) last little mini blizzard. 
It was cold, windy and snowy and did I mention cold!

People are getting a little touchy about this "tease of Spring" we've been having. 
The South East corner of our state was hit with a record ice storm that did a lot of damage with major power outages.
It was pretty tough going and still is in that corner of South Dakota. 
Now me, up here in the middle of the State just had the hard-to-get around weather with unusual cold and blowing snow that stuck to highways.  Huge hassle is the snowdrifts to contend with on an hourly basis. Livestock had to be tended with extra care and babies being born are too fragile for the weather we received.
It was the just like the usual January/February stuff we get, but being its was time for it to be over!
Moisture is more than welcome with this drought and knowing the cold wasn't going to hang around long makes it easier to take. Our memories will fade quickly of how nasty it was!

Here is a sample of my time and my animals time spent while Winter was reminding us she wasn't done just yet outside.

I'll just call this..."When animals attack"

After I fed the baby calf, next up goats and chickens get their inside treat!
Even though, I give a little cracked corn/oats mix to goats ...chickens are in on the business very quickly.
Seems they must of sent the memo about morning brunch, as I had the guineas/chickens, goats/kids and baby calf all in the space together as blizzard was happening outside.  It was crowded but nobody noticed!

Now, this is what I did inside and the smells are wonderful when I enter the house! 

Lots to get ready for as Saturdays- Country Farmers Market begins May 25th!

Think Spring folks!   I know I'm ready and my fingers are itching to grow something! 

For the folks who wonder how my health is, its Fantastic!  I am doing chemo daily but take it orally, and my Oncologist catered it to me as I am a sensitive sort?!  Its working wonderfully now, and I don't notice any changes....other than needing to be outside more and enjoying these long sunny days! 
Wait....I think I'm like that every.single.year!
knock on wood....My Dr. told me this last Friday that I was Perfect!  I like that...."Perfect"...I think a long, long while from now, that's what I want on the headstone....Perfect!

Saturday, April 6, 2013

I've never allowed her a boyfriend..

I had this surprise baby goat a little more than 2 yrs ago.  Just appeared out of nowhere and surprised me that the Momma had even been near a Buck, as they are in totally seperate pens and areas.
I still think she snuck out in the night and came back in the early morning.  She was a serious jumper and could leap a fence 5 ft tall from a standing position.  I could tell by the babies size as she matured, that her Momma was bred by one of my fat little she looks to be half Alpine and half  Tennesee Fainter.  Gorgeous little fat girl, but never fainted and I assumed she was likely not fertile as both parents were polled goats.  She's been exposed several times, but nothing...until she made up for lost time this Spring.  I had her seperated and watch her from the goat cam at my office to see if she was going to need help.  She was huge for such a small little girl and I was very worried about the size of the babies.
Yesterday morning I tuned in for a few minutes at the office to check her and she was nesting, up and down, walking in cirlces trying to get comfortable.  I called home and told Son to check on her up close.  I was glad it was Friday, as we don't have school on Fridays and I had someone home that could do the checking without racing home.  I called my Vet, but he was at the salebarn for the day but his wife just said..go home and check.  I was seriously thinking I had to have a C-Section on this girl.  I've helped with lots of babies, but this one I was concerned on her size.
I watched for half an hour then I was dashing for home.   I couldn't take it!
By the time I was half way home, son called and said #3 was just born and it appeared that she was done.  I was half mile from home and he called me back...#4.  I dried them and had warm milk in a bottle and set up the heating lamp quickly.  What really surprises me is that she accepted them all and is a very good Momma.  She takes excellent care of every single one.  She has a nice full udder and for now they are getting plenty.  I stand ready with milk in hand though and check tummies frequently.  Two girls, two boys and blue eyed??!!  Like I said..she made up for lost time!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

I think I'll let the goats tell me the weather forecast!

We've had a very nice stretch of warm weather this last week.  The Weatherman keeps telling us this Sunday night and Monday its going to get drastically cold.  I've been watching this same Network broadcast the weather for years and years.  It seems I've lost my faith in their forecasting these last couple of years.  Either we've had a flood that hadn't been seen in a hundred years or its been incredible drought that's rivaled the 1930's all in two short years.  Is it because of the odd change in our weather predictability or has meteorology become a lost art?  I like to see a closer guess on the upcoming weather, as I rely on that to feed cattle and goats.  I'll lay extra bedding on upcoming colder nights and I give them a little extra chow on frigid overnights.  The chickens are laying eggs like its springtime and while they have warm water to drink and good indoor cover...its still Winter folks and daylight is short.  Lately the chickens are picking up the pace and I gathered over 3 dozen eggs last night. I watched the goats do the "Squirrely Goat Dance" yesterday, with my biggest and older girls getting involved with the fancy two step and twirling on the picnic table.  Everyone was  swirling and chasing and having a grand ole time!  I even had my youngest Son come watch them.  If they were just blowing off a little steam or it was a prediction of nice weather to come, I think I'll start watching them closer to see if they have a better judge on the forecast.  Now if I could teach them the rain dance I think we'ld have it made! 

I had my 30 days off from Radiation/Chemo so I just had my first MRI to check out my recovery.  My MRI showed exactly what they wanted to see...nothing lighting up the dead zone and that is was what they wanted to see...all dead!  I also don't have any real ill effects at all.  I had a couple of days of  "Ï think I need a nap"..and I took them.  I also find I lost a little strength, but I was given the OK now to go ahead to carry on with my abilities.  Course I might of been doing close to that already, but I like the OK's.  I've been back to work full time and while I might be a little slower moving, I think my thinker is up to par.  The Doctor for my Radiology was quite impressed and my Chemo Doctor was very positive. When they first diagnosed me, they told me Brain Cancer has a poor prognosis and I decided after lots of worrying and getting no sleep...I needed to decide to live and be positive.  I just started my 6 months of chemo pills and while its the same drug I took with Radiation, I didn't have any real side effects from it before.  I'll just keep on keeping on. Today, I better whip up some soaps for the Farmers Market this Summer.  Seems this Winter is moving pretty quickly.  The goats seem to know Spring is just around the corner and I'm going to follow their lead.  The baby calves start arriving in a couple short months and I did just dream of rolling green grass over my nearby pastures.  Like I said, I'm going with the goats on the Happy Dance and thinking its all good!  Let it snow today....I think we're on the downhill slope from Winter now. 

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Getting into the Christmas groove!

I've actually purchased a few gifts!!  I can't believe I'm that far into it already.  Typically, I put it off until that last week.  I always manage to get everyone thought of and find something they might enjoy.  Mostly, I start thinking about the fun of getting all the family together.  That seems the most rewarding to me, the get together.  Hopefully, we get all the group to be there.  This might be the first time in a long while that I didn't have the meal at my house!  I think I might enjoy the change this year.  I did my last day of radiation yesterday, Monday and I got my graduation papers.  I look forward to being home!

I think my co-workers might be relieved to see me back in commission.  I know my customers that I deal with will be.  I've had some of my clients for years and speak with most on a daily, and weekly basis.  Lots of them are dear friends and being from a small area sure lets you know how people attach to each other.

Now to decide what to start making for treaters, and side dishes to take to Christmas! I turn to "for the love of cooking" blog.  Does she ever have the recipes I like!

We got a little Christmas snow this last week and it looks to be staying!  A good heavy dusting of 3-4 inches and just enough cold to finally call it December.  I'm not sure if this Winter will be anything like last year with calm and warm weather.  We hadn't had rain or moisture of more that 10 to 20 hundreds of an inch since July.  Its incredibly dry and moisture from any source right now is welcomed. 

I purchased a good quantity of hay for cattle, horses and goats this Summer, but wonder how long that might have to stretch.
I look forward to May and Junes Thunderstorms already.  I had to look back at an old video I took a couple Summers ago of an intense storm that moved through.  I miss a good Thunderstorm and enjoy the energy you get from the sky roaring through.
Well, I better get off that subject.  Seems May will not be here for awhile and I might be getting ahead of myself .  January gets pretty long when chores and weather are not the funnest and its too cold outside. 

On a somber note, I send all all my sympathy and comfort to the families in Conneticut and think of them daily.  I read posts from all over that are thinking of them and trying to understand.  Sometimes bad things happen and this definitely is the toughest one to deal with.  I hope for healing and courage.


Tuesday, November 20, 2012

its all looking good!

No Jinx...No Jinx...
I'm excited for Thanksgiving and I have some energy back I think has been missing for awhile.
Family and Friends and good food, warm house and 4 days home from treatments with wonderful weather forecasted.  All the animals are safe and my kids are covering me well on the homefront.  I have good friends who call, send prayers, encouragement and lots of hugs.  How can it be any better!?

Now, so I don't do the jinx.  This stage of treatment is going very well and I will stay a little warmer and put aside all those need to do chores and save them for another day.  I will try my best to stay the most positive and when I'm feeling sorry for myself, I always think of the young children I see going through treatment and realize, I'm not the only one experiencing this. The thing that breaks my heart are those young faces who are going through treatments.  If I had the money and time, I'ld be helping those litttle faces that should have the best treatment and care offered.  Of course everyone who faces a disease is needing help, but I have an image of a small child that I saw while I was entering a CAT scan years ago.  She was scared and holding her blanket, she was brave but pretty worried and she definitely needed my hug.   I will never forget that little look!  Why would I ever feel sorry for myself again I told myself.

Again, how Nurses, Doctors and all medical field people can handle this daily amazes me.
I am a huge sap and would be a wreck.

Now for a positive of my sons drives me the 2 1/2hrs every Monday to treatments and I stay in a Motel until Thursday night, heading home on Fridays.  My son fortunately lives where I do, but he has driven to his job typically Tues through Fridays.  He just needs to leave a day earlier now.
It works well, but we are eating out nightly and enjoy a few activities that fill in the evenings.  I think we've eaten at couple dozen different restaurants and enjoyed some really nice meals.  We could be food critics pretty soon. I've gotten to spend a little more time with one of my kids, who's been pretty busy in his own life with family, home moves, kids, events and life in the busy world of changes.  Its been nice and gives me lots to remind me about.
My family is fantastic and everyone of them are there for me at any turn.  My Grandkids give me wonderful smiles and enjoyment and always entertain me. 
I have lots to be Thankful! 
I extend my best wishes to all for a Wonderful Thanksgiving. Enjoy it with family, friends or even complete strangers. 
Just be positive and look forward to another day!  Its what its all about!