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Saturday, April 6, 2013

I've never allowed her a boyfriend..

I had this surprise baby goat a little more than 2 yrs ago.  Just appeared out of nowhere and surprised me that the Momma had even been near a Buck, as they are in totally seperate pens and areas.
I still think she snuck out in the night and came back in the early morning.  She was a serious jumper and could leap a fence 5 ft tall from a standing position.  I could tell by the babies size as she matured, that her Momma was bred by one of my fat little she looks to be half Alpine and half  Tennesee Fainter.  Gorgeous little fat girl, but never fainted and I assumed she was likely not fertile as both parents were polled goats.  She's been exposed several times, but nothing...until she made up for lost time this Spring.  I had her seperated and watch her from the goat cam at my office to see if she was going to need help.  She was huge for such a small little girl and I was very worried about the size of the babies.
Yesterday morning I tuned in for a few minutes at the office to check her and she was nesting, up and down, walking in cirlces trying to get comfortable.  I called home and told Son to check on her up close.  I was glad it was Friday, as we don't have school on Fridays and I had someone home that could do the checking without racing home.  I called my Vet, but he was at the salebarn for the day but his wife just said..go home and check.  I was seriously thinking I had to have a C-Section on this girl.  I've helped with lots of babies, but this one I was concerned on her size.
I watched for half an hour then I was dashing for home.   I couldn't take it!
By the time I was half way home, son called and said #3 was just born and it appeared that she was done.  I was half mile from home and he called me back...#4.  I dried them and had warm milk in a bottle and set up the heating lamp quickly.  What really surprises me is that she accepted them all and is a very good Momma.  She takes excellent care of every single one.  She has a nice full udder and for now they are getting plenty.  I stand ready with milk in hand though and check tummies frequently.  Two girls, two boys and blue eyed??!!  Like I said..she made up for lost time!


  1. Congratulations.....:) what cuties they are.

  2. Welcome to the new little ones! Good job on all accounts.