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Sunday, January 20, 2013

I think I'll let the goats tell me the weather forecast!

We've had a very nice stretch of warm weather this last week.  The Weatherman keeps telling us this Sunday night and Monday its going to get drastically cold.  I've been watching this same Network broadcast the weather for years and years.  It seems I've lost my faith in their forecasting these last couple of years.  Either we've had a flood that hadn't been seen in a hundred years or its been incredible drought that's rivaled the 1930's all in two short years.  Is it because of the odd change in our weather predictability or has meteorology become a lost art?  I like to see a closer guess on the upcoming weather, as I rely on that to feed cattle and goats.  I'll lay extra bedding on upcoming colder nights and I give them a little extra chow on frigid overnights.  The chickens are laying eggs like its springtime and while they have warm water to drink and good indoor cover...its still Winter folks and daylight is short.  Lately the chickens are picking up the pace and I gathered over 3 dozen eggs last night. I watched the goats do the "Squirrely Goat Dance" yesterday, with my biggest and older girls getting involved with the fancy two step and twirling on the picnic table.  Everyone was  swirling and chasing and having a grand ole time!  I even had my youngest Son come watch them.  If they were just blowing off a little steam or it was a prediction of nice weather to come, I think I'll start watching them closer to see if they have a better judge on the forecast.  Now if I could teach them the rain dance I think we'ld have it made! 

I had my 30 days off from Radiation/Chemo so I just had my first MRI to check out my recovery.  My MRI showed exactly what they wanted to see...nothing lighting up the dead zone and that is was what they wanted to see...all dead!  I also don't have any real ill effects at all.  I had a couple of days of  "Ï think I need a nap"..and I took them.  I also find I lost a little strength, but I was given the OK now to go ahead to carry on with my abilities.  Course I might of been doing close to that already, but I like the OK's.  I've been back to work full time and while I might be a little slower moving, I think my thinker is up to par.  The Doctor for my Radiology was quite impressed and my Chemo Doctor was very positive. When they first diagnosed me, they told me Brain Cancer has a poor prognosis and I decided after lots of worrying and getting no sleep...I needed to decide to live and be positive.  I just started my 6 months of chemo pills and while its the same drug I took with Radiation, I didn't have any real side effects from it before.  I'll just keep on keeping on. Today, I better whip up some soaps for the Farmers Market this Summer.  Seems this Winter is moving pretty quickly.  The goats seem to know Spring is just around the corner and I'm going to follow their lead.  The baby calves start arriving in a couple short months and I did just dream of rolling green grass over my nearby pastures.  Like I said, I'm going with the goats on the Happy Dance and thinking its all good!  Let it snow today....I think we're on the downhill slope from Winter now. 


  1. OH, you go!!!!! So glad you are doing so very well!!!! As for the goats...we can predict the weather MUCH better than any meteorologist. I think they just look out the window anyway. :)

    1. You got that right Marigold! I laughed at the "looking out the window"...I've been telling my Dad that for a few months about our weather forecasters...

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  3. Been thinking bout you lots. Glad you are doing so well!

    I agree, animals are better than those meteorologists at weather predicting! I'm relying on your joints can't take these chilly days ;)

  4. Thank you for sharing. Your blog is beautiful and has warmed my heart in Australia. Best for the future.