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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Getting into the Christmas groove!

I've actually purchased a few gifts!!  I can't believe I'm that far into it already.  Typically, I put it off until that last week.  I always manage to get everyone thought of and find something they might enjoy.  Mostly, I start thinking about the fun of getting all the family together.  That seems the most rewarding to me, the get together.  Hopefully, we get all the group to be there.  This might be the first time in a long while that I didn't have the meal at my house!  I think I might enjoy the change this year.  I did my last day of radiation yesterday, Monday and I got my graduation papers.  I look forward to being home!

I think my co-workers might be relieved to see me back in commission.  I know my customers that I deal with will be.  I've had some of my clients for years and speak with most on a daily, and weekly basis.  Lots of them are dear friends and being from a small area sure lets you know how people attach to each other.

Now to decide what to start making for treaters, and side dishes to take to Christmas! I turn to "for the love of cooking" blog.  Does she ever have the recipes I like!

We got a little Christmas snow this last week and it looks to be staying!  A good heavy dusting of 3-4 inches and just enough cold to finally call it December.  I'm not sure if this Winter will be anything like last year with calm and warm weather.  We hadn't had rain or moisture of more that 10 to 20 hundreds of an inch since July.  Its incredibly dry and moisture from any source right now is welcomed. 

I purchased a good quantity of hay for cattle, horses and goats this Summer, but wonder how long that might have to stretch.
I look forward to May and Junes Thunderstorms already.  I had to look back at an old video I took a couple Summers ago of an intense storm that moved through.  I miss a good Thunderstorm and enjoy the energy you get from the sky roaring through.
Well, I better get off that subject.  Seems May will not be here for awhile and I might be getting ahead of myself .  January gets pretty long when chores and weather are not the funnest and its too cold outside. 

On a somber note, I send all all my sympathy and comfort to the families in Conneticut and think of them daily.  I read posts from all over that are thinking of them and trying to understand.  Sometimes bad things happen and this definitely is the toughest one to deal with.  I hope for healing and courage.



  1. Yay, you! The last radiation!!!!! You go! Now sit back and relax. Don't get caught up in too many of the 'I have to's' or the 'I shoulds'... ENJOY! A very Merry Christmas to you!!!!!

    1. I send my best to you also! Here's hoping we hang in for the long haul and I will definitely take that advice on the ENJOY!! Its just what I need to fix me right up!!
      Merry Christmas dear friend, your a gem!

  2. I think of you often :O). Glad you have finished you radiation. Be well my friend.

    1. Merry Christmas to you also! Here's wishing you the best Holiday ever this year!! Thanks for your thoughts and big Hug back to you!