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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

its all looking good!

No Jinx...No Jinx...
I'm excited for Thanksgiving and I have some energy back I think has been missing for awhile.
Family and Friends and good food, warm house and 4 days home from treatments with wonderful weather forecasted.  All the animals are safe and my kids are covering me well on the homefront.  I have good friends who call, send prayers, encouragement and lots of hugs.  How can it be any better!?

Now, so I don't do the jinx.  This stage of treatment is going very well and I will stay a little warmer and put aside all those need to do chores and save them for another day.  I will try my best to stay the most positive and when I'm feeling sorry for myself, I always think of the young children I see going through treatment and realize, I'm not the only one experiencing this. The thing that breaks my heart are those young faces who are going through treatments.  If I had the money and time, I'ld be helping those litttle faces that should have the best treatment and care offered.  Of course everyone who faces a disease is needing help, but I have an image of a small child that I saw while I was entering a CAT scan years ago.  She was scared and holding her blanket, she was brave but pretty worried and she definitely needed my hug.   I will never forget that little look!  Why would I ever feel sorry for myself again I told myself.

Again, how Nurses, Doctors and all medical field people can handle this daily amazes me.
I am a huge sap and would be a wreck.

Now for a positive of my sons drives me the 2 1/2hrs every Monday to treatments and I stay in a Motel until Thursday night, heading home on Fridays.  My son fortunately lives where I do, but he has driven to his job typically Tues through Fridays.  He just needs to leave a day earlier now.
It works well, but we are eating out nightly and enjoy a few activities that fill in the evenings.  I think we've eaten at couple dozen different restaurants and enjoyed some really nice meals.  We could be food critics pretty soon. I've gotten to spend a little more time with one of my kids, who's been pretty busy in his own life with family, home moves, kids, events and life in the busy world of changes.  Its been nice and gives me lots to remind me about.
My family is fantastic and everyone of them are there for me at any turn.  My Grandkids give me wonderful smiles and enjoyment and always entertain me. 
I have lots to be Thankful! 
I extend my best wishes to all for a Wonderful Thanksgiving. Enjoy it with family, friends or even complete strangers. 
Just be positive and look forward to another day!  Its what its all about!



  1. Have a beautiful Thanksgiving, Deb! We all love you and our prayers are always with you!!! ~Danielle, Kris and Marissa

    1. Same to you Danielle, hugs and love sent! I thank you for the well wishes and prayers, and I have a feeling something has to be working..I feel amazing for being this far into it! Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. No jinxes for you, my friend! If wishes send energy, then you will have more than you can possibly need! We are blessed in so many ways, but we know what you mean about those days you feel sorry for yourself. They happen and even that's okay! We are blessed to even be able to feel feel at all! It's ALL GOOD!!!!! Hope you had the best Thanksgiving imaginable (I'm sure you did!) Big hugs and LOTS of positive energy being sent your way!!!

  3. Lots of healing energy sent to you!!!
    (((( Big Texas Hug )))