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Monday, September 24, 2012

You know what surprises me most about this photo?

the green ditch in the foreground! (this picture taken more than a month ago).  I tell ya...if it gets any drier in this part of the country..everyone is going to be carrying a fire extinguisher and shovels.  Its cracklin dry and nothing in the forecast to relieve this drought.  Nothing!  I told myself not to complain about the lack of moisture on the blog..but this is getting ridiculous!  We had serious flooding last summer, something that hadn't happened in 100 yrs.  Then in late July, 2011, the sky dried up.  All those prayers were answered.  We should of been careful though and added the duration of time for "no more moisture please" to the prayer.  We sure do need it now.

I was lucky, fortunate, desperate and scrambling this last month to get an adequate amount of hay brought in for winter feed.  I've been counting the bales I've used already...and Yes, I'm using it already.  This is looking to be a very long Winter.  I won't mind if we get snow.  There, I said it, I don't mind snow at all. I will not complain about snow again.  No sir, but I will complain about cold., so there. I've left something to complain about.
Weatherman said this morning that its been over 54 days since any rain or any sort...including sprinkles.  I know thats a true statement.  When you can pull a metal fence post out of the ground and all you get is dust coming up with it, you know its more than dry.  It seriously dry.

My Dad mentioned that maybe I should insure my loads of hay I brought in.  I'm thinking thats not such a bad idea.  Not a bad idea at all.