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Monday, September 21, 2009

Rattlesnake Bit

It didn't get me, but when I went out to bring horses in..I heard the labored breathing before they were within 200 yards of me. I had 5 horses out in pasture and I was checking over legs and heads quickly. It was apparent what had happened and I was a little too panicky to be thinking about taking any photos. She was so swollen and deformed in the head and jaw that she looked like a T-Rex!! I had driven the mule(4-Wheel) to find them and they followed me straight home after I gave a little shake of the grain bucket. I took it slow as the Leader of the Pack was the one bitten and she was not giving up her status with a little Snake bite. She was snorting so loud and had so much snot and blood running out her nostils..I had to wonder how long she had been like this. I see the horses daily but usually not close up. With the amount of swelling you would of noticed it from even a distance. I penned them in the barn and I had some antihistamine and decided it couldn't hurt..we checked her often thoughout the day. Seemed like it had shrunk some and she was eating hay and drinking well. The Vet had given her a large dose of antibiotic and she got a good dose of banamine. Now already today though, her jaw is down and nose is a little less tight. Vet said the skin usually sloughs off the nose and looks bad for awhile and seems some tissue damage is inevitable, but she thinks she must of dodged the bullet better than most as it looks quite good on the skin level. I didn't think of a photo until just now, so will try to get one tomorrow. I bet it's alot better though even by tomorrow...and the Vet added that she was a pretty tough girl cuzz those things are extremely painful.

I will say though, I have a jar that I've been accumulating rattler tails and I will be happy to keep on adding to it.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Rivers and Barbed Wire Fences....don't mix!

First the work...and of course I have to be taking the photos...that is work you know!!

Thankfully I have two young men in my household who enjoy a little swimming on the side with the usual fence out good for everyone, although it sure gets dark fast this time of year, but I caught a beautiful eveing.
P.S. to truly enjoy those photos..just double click.

so on that short vacation...

We drove and drove...

We saw "Carhenge" folks that is in Nebraska and they have a Great "Pit Stop" there.

Then we went to Fort Laramie....very beautiful Old Fort from the 1840's

Then on the road again...

We drove and drove... and came to this amazing little spot in the middle of nowhere..

The Ames Brothers Monument, an unusual story about a little piece of history.

We arrived at our destination and had lots of good food and visiting...then on the road again and visited Estes that was absolutely gorgeous !!

But I won't make you suffer through the thousands of photos of the mountains....then on the road heading homeward.

Where I finally did get home, I drove down to the river to see a beautiful Sunset once again.....and much to my relief.....the cows had wandered home :)

One Happy Ending Folks!!