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Thursday, September 10, 2009

so on that short vacation...

We drove and drove...

We saw "Carhenge" folks that is in Nebraska and they have a Great "Pit Stop" there.

Then we went to Fort Laramie....very beautiful Old Fort from the 1840's

Then on the road again...

We drove and drove... and came to this amazing little spot in the middle of nowhere..

The Ames Brothers Monument, an unusual story about a little piece of history.

We arrived at our destination and had lots of good food and visiting...then on the road again and visited Estes that was absolutely gorgeous !!

But I won't make you suffer through the thousands of photos of the mountains....then on the road heading homeward.

Where I finally did get home, I drove down to the river to see a beautiful Sunset once again.....and much to my relief.....the cows had wandered home :)

One Happy Ending Folks!!


  1. Wow! You sure saw lots of different things on your vacation.....what better faces could there be to come home to than those sweet cows?

  2. And you made it home and didn't find too many wrecks!

  3. I was wondering how your vacation went! Sounds like a good time and you saw lots o' fun attractions! The pix of the cows looks like a painting - I love it!