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Friday, February 27, 2009

cut the soap...but how do you unmold??? Help!

Ok, the soap cut nicely. Now...anyone know how I pop the molds out?? It is stuck in there and doesn't seem quite set??

Do I do it like jello and set it in warm water?? HELP!!!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Now this one is a Winner!

I love this scent! It smells like lemon/tangerine sherbet. My cake decorating days may be paying off as I eyeballed the recipe and knew I would have a generous amount of batter, so had ready the ducky molds. It smelled so good, I almost licked the spoon.

My granddaughter is going to love the yellow duckies! Can't wait to cut into these tomorrow.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Tell Dan he better be ready!!

And,,,I named her Ellen!!! This year is the Year of Profit!! I really really like Ellen DeGeneres and she is profitable to boot!

And now for Dans information: takes a week to 10 days for the real milk to come in. I will want to wait to milk her later and see how her bag fills in. She seemed pretty small last night but this morning she is quite tight and growing quickly. She is also a pretty sweet girl, so the milking will be easy. Anyway, a better photo of an adorable little girl!!

It's a ......

Now what to name her??

Day before the Blizzard!! and she surprised me...

Monday, February 23, 2009


I think I poured these a little thick and I am thinking they weigh in around 6 ounces.

Yeeesch....and #1 son made a shocking comment about the smell.

I will make sure he gets a couple for his Birthday!!!

and Fathers Day...and Easter....

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Cinnamon Ylang Ylang Milk & Honey

Pretty big mouthful, but it actually looked like Butterscotch Pudding!! Beautiful Color and hope after completing the recipe then reading more on the instructions, it doesn't do the dreaded "separation". Read the warning after I had it in the pan about the number 1 rule....make sure it makes it to Full Trace before pouring into mold. Well, let's hope it did! Tomorrow will tell, after I cut it, it will hopefully not have a separation in the middle of the bar like a layer of honey in a comb. I went online and it showed photos of Botched results when this happens....sorta fascinating, but would not be quite useable.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

smells a little funky...

perhaps the almond extract wasn't such a good idea?? Not sure if it will cure to a different smell or not, but just a little too...oh I don't know....artificial?? I will post the photos on the cutting, that will be fun! My coworkers will have to like it just in case one of my attempts really makes a really good soap, they will surely want a slice of that!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

First Batch of Soap!!

Ok, I was so excited about trying Goat Milk Soap, I went out and bought a can of milk.

Gotta experiment you know. So here is a few pics from my attempt, and I improvised a little as I don't have my essential oils and found a couple of things around the house. Dried Rose petals, oatmeal, and almond extract. It isn't that big a batch, but it sure did smell good. I love almond!!

The oatmeal should be nice and scrubby too!

Before and After

Ok..officially 1 month and counting
my Before Jan 09 (left)
and after (right) Feb 09
Gotta stick with it...Gotta stick with it!!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sunday Exercise Program

Did chores as usual.
Decided it was time to test out my milk stand and see if anyone was willing to try it out for me.

I set up the stand in a separate area and closed off the gate and let one at a time into the pen with the setup. I of course started with my home raised babies and one at a time I had them jump onto the milkstand and showed them where to put their heads to eat their grain. Snapped shut the headgate and to my amazement, no fighting, kicking, or frenzied screaming. I just fed a small amount at a time and then trimmed each ones hoof while they were standing in the headgate. It was so easy, I couldn't believe it. All of my girls who have been here since babies were excellent. Dan will have no problems at all milking when I can't!!
I spent some time on each ones hooves and had 7 of them done in no time. Now, I needed to encourage the three Newest Kids on the block to come in. I spent a good deal of time chasing and tricking to catch even one of them. It took both hands, arms, and legs to keep her in the stand. I even managed to draw blood while I was trying to trim her feet, there was so much struggling. I got my finger to quit bleeding after just a few minutes of pressure, but it didn't discourage my mission. I even made her stand in the head gate for a few minutes without any feed and then gave her just a little at the end to make her realize it wasn't all that bad.

I decided I was going to run out of patience with the next of the wildest so moved on to the Buck pen.
Now my boy Kokomo was a dream and practically lifts his feet for his trim.
Not my Alpine boy though, he has realized he is big, strong and faster.
I have him quite tame and decided I would be bringing the stand over to have him use it next. That stand was the best thing that we built for the goats so far. It made the job a breeze. Now to get the second one put together, then I can invite my cheese making buddies to do side by side milking with me.

P.S. Sharon, also let Dan know, one of the last does I just purchased is close. Quite close! She has bagged up pretty good, and I think we are going to be into the milk before we know it!!

Saturday enjoyment

So many interests and too many different things to do.
My Alfalfa wasn't going to arrive today after all so decided to play.

Called my Dad and had him meet me at the Livestock Sale today.
They were selling several thousand Bred Cattle today all Angus and Herefords but for just a few Bred Holsteins and a couple Brown Swiss.

Now I am a sucker for a nice milk cow, and in our area, the cattle ranchers don't give much a care for a Dairy cow. I have had Dairy cattle for over 5 years now and I truly enjoy picking up a few extra bum calves and letting my Jerseys raise a couple or more each year. I notice more and more that a rancher has at least one nurse/milk cow or two in the herd for the feeding of the occasional twins born or non milking mother.

We enjoyed a traditional excellent Hot Beef Sandwich at the Cafe at the Salebarn and had to fight for a seat today, HUGE Crowd!! Economy must be shaping up, as the cattle prices were excellent and ranchers were smiling as they were picking up their payoffs. The Holsteins and Brown Swiss were saved for last and they sold them one at a time. I had my price in mind for one but realized quickly there were more people waiting for them to sell than me. Although they went more than I wanted to pay, people were driving the price into a respectable bid. That is a good thing in my opinion, as I own 7 full bred Jerseys and 6 cross Jerseys that will make good milkers also. Now those boys around here shouldn't scoff at owning a milk cow. The highest priced selling cow was a Holstein, Now that says something!!

I was thinking of Dan and where he could of put one of them, Sharon! The last girl to sell was a gorgeous holstein with the cutest baby heifer at side you could imagine. I think he needs to look into getting a nice little acreage, I think we could really have fun.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Evening Surprise!

...came home after work, took me a little longer tonite getting home. Sun had set and I did notice all my milk cows were out! All of them were missing in the pen as I drive in the yard. I quickly scan the immediate area as I am pulling up to the garage. I have a double garage and have my Bobcat parked in it. I note the doors are all shut and I do have a small light on inside. I am still scanning the back yard and down around the horses haystack and still no cows.
Thats when I spot them..a tail wagging...inside the garage though.
I enter from the door but find 4 large rear ends are blocking it from opening...what the??? How do they do these things? They have themselves trapped in the garage, but then I panic and realize they could of gotten into the 1000+lbs of corn/cob that is bagged in front of the Bobcat on a pallet. Sure enough, all of them standing around it waiting for it to open like a flower unfolding. Luckily they hadn't been there too long, or one of the girls would of had it figured out. Although, half a bag of goat chow has disappeared. I open the large door and toss a bucket into the middle of the meeting. Small explosion, but all quickly vacated the area.
Not for long, as they see it is only me and they aren't all that afraid.
Had to do a little hollering and waving to get some attention, but Thankfully, not too much damage done.
I grab a bucket and trot to the pen, with lots of noise and excitement close on my heels.

Everyone had their freedom, including the weaned calves. 7 cows, 1 bull,
and 7 calves all running close on my heels. I shut them back in the pen and like magic the babies came with me and followed to their designated feed area.
The Big girls only got a small bucket tonite. The youngsters had half their share.
Small punishment but I will have things shut proper tonite.

Who said cows are not smart. They knew where to find the goods!
Bad thing is, if they get a second shot at it and they will waste little time opening that bag.

better late than never!

Friday the 13th! doesn't seem all that bad and even survived a legal hearing with a bumbling lawyer who looks like he is on Cocaine. Jumpy little bugger he was, although it didn't seem to bother me and actually was sorta interesting watching him.
....also he needs to eat....he was awful thin and hair was dishelved and his handshake was clammy. Well, you get the picture, he looked a little like that frazzle cat that gets hit by lightening in a cartoon.

Glad that part is over anyway! So, back to work and sneaking in my morning post.

Have to talk with sister and see what is on the agenda this weekend! I need some toddies!!!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

latest obsession!!

Goat Soap:

I have found alot of information on soap, and will soon be in the business of milking a few of my own goats. So....besides dabbling in some cheese making, I am really interested in the soap making. I found many wonderful blogs and am trying to study up on as much as possible.
Now if anyone has some good hints on Goat Soap making, I would greatly appreciate it!!

Ordered the lye, oils and am looking at a site that sells an assortment pack of fragrance oils. I recently bought a few bars of goat milk soap from someone on the internet and am extremely happy with the creaminess. Gorgeous Soaps!!

Sis did you try the one I gave you yet???

Still coming along well on the diet works...Spring is in the Air!! I am ready for the Season!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Turkey/ favorite

Today that is!!
with mashed potatoes and herbs and just the right amount of gravy.
Green beans with cranberries...mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!
I gotta say, the Lean Quisine lady knows how to cook!
It is yummy!!

Weighed in this morning and showed another 1 pound lower on the scale.

I still like this pill. I have adjusted very well though and even with my indulgence of a bite or two of the wrong things. No Bad Effects whatsoever.

I have learned alot from this on watching what MY body should be eating for Fat Grams and along with watching that,,the calories are second.

I am hoping dear Friend gets a little something out of this method, or rather a big something...again...we are all waiting to hear something???

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Wikpedia: Anomely (definition) Sharon, Shardawg, Babe.

Alright now, the world awaits!!!

And Super Dieters Tea??? Man you shouldn't even be leaving the house. You are toying with some pretty powerful stuff. Ok,,be back in a bit, my tummy hurts. gotta be gaining weight with all that retaining. Now there has to be something that will work for a breakthru...Chinese food?? Tequila??? a road trip perhaps??? Lets think about this,,we could go on a road trip looking for Chinese food and take some Tequila. Now that does sound like fun!!

Monday, February 9, 2009

What day is it?? Day 23?

Small but some progress.

I have had more protein in my meals so not nearly as hungry/starving as the weeks before.

I still keep to fat grams very closely and do sneak a good snack in at least once a day.
Been a busy weekend, as granddaughter arrived Friday night and stayed through Sunday late afternoon. She is still the whirling twirling ever curious 7 year old, who tags along for everything and always ready for the adventure.
We had feed to haul and panels to purchase from Farm/Fleet Store and did a long day of errands and jobs.

Sunday, I drove my daughter and granddaughter to town and we did the grocery and house errands. We treated ourselves with a stop at Dairy Queen. We hadn't been there in years and years, so we went in and had ice cream and onion rings.

I had a couple bites of Daughters Fudgy Browning Caramel Delight and do believe I will be paying for that. I was thinking, it won't be that bad....well...I will most likely be answering for that one.

Sticking to my plan for the rest of the week very closely as that was my splurge.

Also, waiting patiently to hear from Sharon ???....Anything????

Friday, February 6, 2009

Day 20 - I think there is hope!

For Sharon:
Grizzly bears and black bears generally do not eat, drink, defecate, or urinate during hibernation. Bears live off of a layer of fat built up during the summer and fall months prior to hibernation. Waste products are produced, however, instead of disposing of their metabolic waste, bears recycle it. The urea produced from fat metabolism (fatal at high levels) is broken down and the resulting nitrogen is used by the bear to build protein, which allows them to maintain muscle mass and organ tissues (Rogers 1981). Bears lose fat and may actually increase lean-body mass while hibernating due to this nitrogen recycling (Wickelgren 1988). Bears may loose 15-30 % of their body weight during hibernation (Rogers 1981).

Now Sharon, even though you are awake during this process, it could be you have some mechanism like the bear during hibernation?? I like the thought of losing fat and still increasing lean body mass,,,now that is SMART!!!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Day 19-Feel Terrific

...other than very very nervous for a dear friend. She better do something,,just to challenge this a bit. Eat something Fried and Greasy for lunch!! Do it, Sharon, you can not be that impacted and you are not safe on the road. I think it would test the powers of Alli also..soo you have my permission. Actually ,,Hot Wings at Jakes would do you a world of good, and some greasy homemade fries??? What are you doing for Lunch!!! I will take you and I of course, will eat a nice burger without the bun with a side of Cottage cheese. Actually, that sounds kinda good. Call me!!

We gotta get things moving!!

This week progress report. Just weighing about a lb lower, but I moved another notch tighter on the beltline. I think my skin could be shrinking??? Or I have moved the waistline up a tad on the beltline..something is feeling pretty good though.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

18 Days!! Still no results for Sharon!

Alright now, Sharon ( the amazing ) has just checked in.
No treatment Effects...I think she better re-read that book and show it to her colon.

I notice results of my mistakes within hours..but not sirreee..she is just waltzing through this like a piece of cake...make that angelfood by the way.(fat free you know)

I now, am still showing progress and am eating just a bit more in the way of protiens so my calorie intake is up. Scale shows a smaller loss, but I have better energy this week.

My plan is to slow down a bit on the restrictions of calories. I had gotten too hungry on too many occassions for it to be a good thing.

Sis has many plans for our summer, so I hope to be able to keep up with her!!
Now me, I plan something for every day I can be spending it outside.
This has been an unusually cold and long winter! Today we are suppose to climb into the 40's?? Shirtsleeve weather!!!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Lets all say a prayer for Sharon!

I think she is definitely going to have an eye opening experience.

She has (in her own words) pushed the envelope.

She is a good friend and I feel for her and what is about to happen!
She has eaten more than the allotted fat grams she should be consuming with taking Alli,,and not just once...many times.
She still says ,,No Treatment Effects!!

Just wait...there is a hush over the will start at her toes and work its way up. Seismic activity indicates that this could be a big one!! The animals are all attentive and seem nervous. There is a static electricity in the air!! Man,,,I got goosebumps....poor girl!!!

Hold onto your Hats People....She's going to BLOW!!!!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Monday-Groundhog Day

Six more weeks of winter!

Gives me time to shave off a few more lbs before shorts attire then.

Sister is remarking on making Yogurt and how incredible it was. Now I am getting really excited about goat milk and kidding season here.

I am especially excited about the whole milking process.
I have several milk cows, but I typically put extra babies on them.
I will be saving a few gallons for myself now. Bad news is I have to wait until April with them. Seems like a long time away..

I keep recounting the days for my does to kid and hoping by the size of them they are on target. They wintered well... March is the earliest for them! ONLY a month away!!

Now to pass the time, I will look at other goat blogs and kid pics...that should help!
....and I would really like a cream where do I find those????

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Super Sunday-It's official

Officialy weighed in, 18 lbs.

Even went out last evening and had dinner. Steak and baked potatoe, no ill effects but kept the steak to 4-5 oz and nice baked potatoe without butter. Did dab a smidge of hidden valley on it. The steakhouse we ate at, serves the very best homemade Blue Cheese dressing. I put a tsp on my salad, I could not go without a little taste.

Topped it off with a Nice Tall Toddy and I was completely satisfied.

Now I fully realize, I am losing the most in the beginning and it will be getting slower with the weight decline as I near a better weight. I really have lost quite a little weight quickly, which is a little surprising, but somedays I have to wait a little too long to get to my meal and by then I have been too hungry. I will be better to myself on not waiting so long and eating a little more to go a little slower here.

I have one of the scales that measures all the variables when know BMI, muscle mass, bone mass, and calorie burn. Curves scale to be exact, but I got it through the Avon lady. Anyway, I realize after being honest with myself, that I have lost the weight due to the fact of restricting calories and less fat in my diet.
At the end of the cycle of different atributes it weighs you, you see what your daily intake of calories should be. It is declining...of course..but I am eating only approx 1400 calories and my scale is saying I need alot more than that to sustain this mass. Now realize, these scales are only guessing on body reflections but I would imagine in my heftiest weight, I could ingest some real calories to keep up this frame. So along with watching my BMI drop, which is good, I am watching the daily intake of calories drop. Ahhh...that is sorta sad.......