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Thursday, February 12, 2009

latest obsession!!

Goat Soap:

I have found alot of information on soap, and will soon be in the business of milking a few of my own goats. So....besides dabbling in some cheese making, I am really interested in the soap making. I found many wonderful blogs and am trying to study up on as much as possible.
Now if anyone has some good hints on Goat Soap making, I would greatly appreciate it!!

Ordered the lye, oils and am looking at a site that sells an assortment pack of fragrance oils. I recently bought a few bars of goat milk soap from someone on the internet and am extremely happy with the creaminess. Gorgeous Soaps!!

Sis did you try the one I gave you yet???

Still coming along well on the diet works...Spring is in the Air!! I am ready for the Season!!


  1. When does the milking begin? Dan is still willing to come milk if you need him. Last night he was talking about all the things he needs to buy to start in the cheese making adventure. He even tested the new refrigerator to make sure it will be working. He might be a good partner in the soap making also.

  2. he is on!! I will need all the help I can get!
    I tested my sweetest and nicest girl last night on getting up on the milk stand! She ended up vaulting over the top and was so pissed at me, she rammed the nearest bystander up the wall..well...lets just say..she is moody right now. She is wide as she is long and has no patience for shenanigans..but..she would never hurt a person. Just stupid looking goats who look at her funny!! Who knows, maybe someone snickered at her. I had my hands full trying to make sure she didn't hurt herself.

  3. Oh yea,,,and by the looks of her, I think she is due in about 4 weeks! Man am I going to get nervous. I think I let the girls get too fat!!
    Freaking a little!!!