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Monday, February 2, 2009

Monday-Groundhog Day

Six more weeks of winter!

Gives me time to shave off a few more lbs before shorts attire then.

Sister is remarking on making Yogurt and how incredible it was. Now I am getting really excited about goat milk and kidding season here.

I am especially excited about the whole milking process.
I have several milk cows, but I typically put extra babies on them.
I will be saving a few gallons for myself now. Bad news is I have to wait until April with them. Seems like a long time away..

I keep recounting the days for my does to kid and hoping by the size of them they are on target. They wintered well... March is the earliest for them! ONLY a month away!!

Now to pass the time, I will look at other goat blogs and kid pics...that should help!
....and I would really like a cream where do I find those????

1 comment:

  1. Goat milk! I need goat milk. My cream yogurt was a success.

    Although, I think you will want to be free of Alli for a couple of months before sampling my latest effort.