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Friday, February 13, 2009

Evening Surprise!

...came home after work, took me a little longer tonite getting home. Sun had set and I did notice all my milk cows were out! All of them were missing in the pen as I drive in the yard. I quickly scan the immediate area as I am pulling up to the garage. I have a double garage and have my Bobcat parked in it. I note the doors are all shut and I do have a small light on inside. I am still scanning the back yard and down around the horses haystack and still no cows.
Thats when I spot them..a tail wagging...inside the garage though.
I enter from the door but find 4 large rear ends are blocking it from opening...what the??? How do they do these things? They have themselves trapped in the garage, but then I panic and realize they could of gotten into the 1000+lbs of corn/cob that is bagged in front of the Bobcat on a pallet. Sure enough, all of them standing around it waiting for it to open like a flower unfolding. Luckily they hadn't been there too long, or one of the girls would of had it figured out. Although, half a bag of goat chow has disappeared. I open the large door and toss a bucket into the middle of the meeting. Small explosion, but all quickly vacated the area.
Not for long, as they see it is only me and they aren't all that afraid.
Had to do a little hollering and waving to get some attention, but Thankfully, not too much damage done.
I grab a bucket and trot to the pen, with lots of noise and excitement close on my heels.

Everyone had their freedom, including the weaned calves. 7 cows, 1 bull,
and 7 calves all running close on my heels. I shut them back in the pen and like magic the babies came with me and followed to their designated feed area.
The Big girls only got a small bucket tonite. The youngsters had half their share.
Small punishment but I will have things shut proper tonite.

Who said cows are not smart. They knew where to find the goods!
Bad thing is, if they get a second shot at it and they will waste little time opening that bag.

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