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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Day 19-Feel Terrific

...other than very very nervous for a dear friend. She better do something,,just to challenge this a bit. Eat something Fried and Greasy for lunch!! Do it, Sharon, you can not be that impacted and you are not safe on the road. I think it would test the powers of Alli also..soo you have my permission. Actually ,,Hot Wings at Jakes would do you a world of good, and some greasy homemade fries??? What are you doing for Lunch!!! I will take you and I of course, will eat a nice burger without the bun with a side of Cottage cheese. Actually, that sounds kinda good. Call me!!

We gotta get things moving!!

This week progress report. Just weighing about a lb lower, but I moved another notch tighter on the beltline. I think my skin could be shrinking??? Or I have moved the waistline up a tad on the beltline..something is feeling pretty good though.

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  1. Brag,brag brag....I'll dare to take the hot wings & fries challenge for lunch. Sorry to spoil your thoughts of Montezuma's revenge striking me but, I'm willing to bet I get no ill effects.