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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Super Sunday-It's official

Officialy weighed in, 18 lbs.

Even went out last evening and had dinner. Steak and baked potatoe, no ill effects but kept the steak to 4-5 oz and nice baked potatoe without butter. Did dab a smidge of hidden valley on it. The steakhouse we ate at, serves the very best homemade Blue Cheese dressing. I put a tsp on my salad, I could not go without a little taste.

Topped it off with a Nice Tall Toddy and I was completely satisfied.

Now I fully realize, I am losing the most in the beginning and it will be getting slower with the weight decline as I near a better weight. I really have lost quite a little weight quickly, which is a little surprising, but somedays I have to wait a little too long to get to my meal and by then I have been too hungry. I will be better to myself on not waiting so long and eating a little more to go a little slower here.

I have one of the scales that measures all the variables when know BMI, muscle mass, bone mass, and calorie burn. Curves scale to be exact, but I got it through the Avon lady. Anyway, I realize after being honest with myself, that I have lost the weight due to the fact of restricting calories and less fat in my diet.
At the end of the cycle of different atributes it weighs you, you see what your daily intake of calories should be. It is declining...of course..but I am eating only approx 1400 calories and my scale is saying I need alot more than that to sustain this mass. Now realize, these scales are only guessing on body reflections but I would imagine in my heftiest weight, I could ingest some real calories to keep up this frame. So along with watching my BMI drop, which is good, I am watching the daily intake of calories drop. Ahhh...that is sorta sad.......

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