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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

First Batch of Soap!!

Ok, I was so excited about trying Goat Milk Soap, I went out and bought a can of milk.

Gotta experiment you know. So here is a few pics from my attempt, and I improvised a little as I don't have my essential oils and found a couple of things around the house. Dried Rose petals, oatmeal, and almond extract. It isn't that big a batch, but it sure did smell good. I love almond!!

The oatmeal should be nice and scrubby too!


  1. Hey, that looks neat! I found a mold that would make very cool soap for you. It's a cookie mold but it has a sheep,cow, goat, and a horse. I'll get it to you if you like to use it. It would make soap about the size you get at a motel.

  2. I will try it!! sounds like is would fit my scheme, and you know they have houseboats on Lake Powell say Bryce Canyon??? Much Much Warmer! Looks gorgeous too!!

  3. How did the soap turn out, Deb? That mold sounds fun!

  4. soap is curing and smelling quite good now, almost 10 days and the fragrance is pleasant NOW.
    I have alot to learn and many mistakes to make.
    I will not use the pan again...made skinny weird slices. I will learn from you!