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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Saturday enjoyment

So many interests and too many different things to do.
My Alfalfa wasn't going to arrive today after all so decided to play.

Called my Dad and had him meet me at the Livestock Sale today.
They were selling several thousand Bred Cattle today all Angus and Herefords but for just a few Bred Holsteins and a couple Brown Swiss.

Now I am a sucker for a nice milk cow, and in our area, the cattle ranchers don't give much a care for a Dairy cow. I have had Dairy cattle for over 5 years now and I truly enjoy picking up a few extra bum calves and letting my Jerseys raise a couple or more each year. I notice more and more that a rancher has at least one nurse/milk cow or two in the herd for the feeding of the occasional twins born or non milking mother.

We enjoyed a traditional excellent Hot Beef Sandwich at the Cafe at the Salebarn and had to fight for a seat today, HUGE Crowd!! Economy must be shaping up, as the cattle prices were excellent and ranchers were smiling as they were picking up their payoffs. The Holsteins and Brown Swiss were saved for last and they sold them one at a time. I had my price in mind for one but realized quickly there were more people waiting for them to sell than me. Although they went more than I wanted to pay, people were driving the price into a respectable bid. That is a good thing in my opinion, as I own 7 full bred Jerseys and 6 cross Jerseys that will make good milkers also. Now those boys around here shouldn't scoff at owning a milk cow. The highest priced selling cow was a Holstein, Now that says something!!

I was thinking of Dan and where he could of put one of them, Sharon! The last girl to sell was a gorgeous holstein with the cutest baby heifer at side you could imagine. I think he needs to look into getting a nice little acreage, I think we could really have fun.

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