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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Lets all say a prayer for Sharon!

I think she is definitely going to have an eye opening experience.

She has (in her own words) pushed the envelope.

She is a good friend and I feel for her and what is about to happen!
She has eaten more than the allotted fat grams she should be consuming with taking Alli,,and not just once...many times.
She still says ,,No Treatment Effects!!

Just wait...there is a hush over the will start at her toes and work its way up. Seismic activity indicates that this could be a big one!! The animals are all attentive and seem nervous. There is a static electricity in the air!! Man,,,I got goosebumps....poor girl!!!

Hold onto your Hats People....She's going to BLOW!!!!


  1. Poor dear.

    She has no idea of the power she is taunting.

    Heck, even I was nervous about consuming fats after spending a couple of days with you. The fear and respect is contagious.

  2. Seismic activity...have you lost your minds!!? Some of us just don't have weeny colons. I for one have felt no catastrophic movement,small rumblings or even the slightest squeak. How long before I need to get scared? It's been over a week since I even had a tiny poop. I must have a colon of steel. Some times seismic activity would be welcome. But if it makes you feel better continue to pray for me...I'll let you know if I have any earth shattering "treatment effects".

  3. come on shardawg...we know your full of shit!!

  4. Sorta explains the dark eyes doesn't it?

  5. I have no idea what you all are talking about but it sure is funny...LOL