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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

18 Days!! Still no results for Sharon!

Alright now, Sharon ( the amazing ) has just checked in.
No treatment Effects...I think she better re-read that book and show it to her colon.

I notice results of my mistakes within hours..but not sirreee..she is just waltzing through this like a piece of cake...make that angelfood by the way.(fat free you know)

I now, am still showing progress and am eating just a bit more in the way of protiens so my calorie intake is up. Scale shows a smaller loss, but I have better energy this week.

My plan is to slow down a bit on the restrictions of calories. I had gotten too hungry on too many occassions for it to be a good thing.

Sis has many plans for our summer, so I hope to be able to keep up with her!!
Now me, I plan something for every day I can be spending it outside.
This has been an unusually cold and long winter! Today we are suppose to climb into the 40's?? Shirtsleeve weather!!!


  1. Maybe I need to do a harsher calorie restriction. Maybe that would get my innered all stirred up and finally see some action. This is kind of depressing I'm not eating too badly (except for the fried stuff on Monday)and I can't even get a greasy fart!!

  2. Well, here I am almost two whole weeks into this thing and I think the only result I've had is a stomach that feels like an over inflated balloon. No seismic rumbling,gurglings, or rude noises. This might not be made for me!!

  3. Hi Deb!

    I noticed today that you are a new follower of Casa Hice! Yay! I have to tell you that having even one subscriber blows my mind, but when they start adding up - it's crazy. I started my blog as a way to keep in touch with family, but it has become so much more.

    Anyway - THANK YOU! I consider it a great honor and hope I can keep you entertained. You do know I am obsessed with goats, right? Mary from Annie's Goat Hill started following me a little while ago which prompted me to write about my experience owning a goat. Then all of a sudden, I am finding all these great goat blogs! LOL.

    Can't wait to dive in to Dakotagoats and read all your wonderful goat posts.

    Thanks again for visiting Casa Hice! Hope to see you every day!


  4. Oh, PS regarding your post... if you are talking about using Alli (I haven't read far enough along in your blog, but I do know what "treatment effects" are), it works wonderfully on a controlled diet. I am on Weight Watchers and just started taking Alli. No problem. When I tried Alli before, just kind of guaging my fat intake in my own hap-hazzard way, it was unreliable and I experienced a treatment effect. AT WORK. IN WHITE PANTS. Not a good thing. I guess those loaded nachos were a bad idea afterall.