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Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Wikpedia: Anomely (definition) Sharon, Shardawg, Babe.

Alright now, the world awaits!!!

And Super Dieters Tea??? Man you shouldn't even be leaving the house. You are toying with some pretty powerful stuff. Ok,,be back in a bit, my tummy hurts. gotta be gaining weight with all that retaining. Now there has to be something that will work for a breakthru...Chinese food?? Tequila??? a road trip perhaps??? Lets think about this,,we could go on a road trip looking for Chinese food and take some Tequila. Now that does sound like fun!!


  1. So when do we hit the road? I'm free after today. Something has to give...Dan is starting to get nervous, he leaves the room if I look like I'm going to sneeze! Hunter even covers his head.

  2. Excuse me, but you're calling me an anomely?! I think that when, and if, I finally "go", I'll be able to relate to Ron White when he asks if you've ever taken a poop so big you've lost 2 pants sizes!