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Monday, February 9, 2009

What day is it?? Day 23?

Small but some progress.

I have had more protein in my meals so not nearly as hungry/starving as the weeks before.

I still keep to fat grams very closely and do sneak a good snack in at least once a day.
Been a busy weekend, as granddaughter arrived Friday night and stayed through Sunday late afternoon. She is still the whirling twirling ever curious 7 year old, who tags along for everything and always ready for the adventure.
We had feed to haul and panels to purchase from Farm/Fleet Store and did a long day of errands and jobs.

Sunday, I drove my daughter and granddaughter to town and we did the grocery and house errands. We treated ourselves with a stop at Dairy Queen. We hadn't been there in years and years, so we went in and had ice cream and onion rings.

I had a couple bites of Daughters Fudgy Browning Caramel Delight and do believe I will be paying for that. I was thinking, it won't be that bad....well...I will most likely be answering for that one.

Sticking to my plan for the rest of the week very closely as that was my splurge.

Also, waiting patiently to hear from Sharon ???....Anything????


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  2. Well two cups of "Super Dieters Tea"and....NOTHING! Dan was reading the directions on the box and he even got nervous, I think he would have preferred the spare bedroom if he could have made the move without hurting my feelings. He was expecting some kind of plumbing phenomenon that would be hard to explain to the plumber he was thinking he'd have to hire this morning! Alas, I gave him nothing to fear! : )