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Monday, April 29, 2013

What goes on inside when a mini-blizzard is going on outside!

Its end of April, the third week of this month we had our (hopefully) last little mini blizzard. 
It was cold, windy and snowy and did I mention cold!

People are getting a little touchy about this "tease of Spring" we've been having. 
The South East corner of our state was hit with a record ice storm that did a lot of damage with major power outages.
It was pretty tough going and still is in that corner of South Dakota. 
Now me, up here in the middle of the State just had the hard-to-get around weather with unusual cold and blowing snow that stuck to highways.  Huge hassle is the snowdrifts to contend with on an hourly basis. Livestock had to be tended with extra care and babies being born are too fragile for the weather we received.
It was the just like the usual January/February stuff we get, but being its was time for it to be over!
Moisture is more than welcome with this drought and knowing the cold wasn't going to hang around long makes it easier to take. Our memories will fade quickly of how nasty it was!

Here is a sample of my time and my animals time spent while Winter was reminding us she wasn't done just yet outside.

I'll just call this..."When animals attack"

After I fed the baby calf, next up goats and chickens get their inside treat!
Even though, I give a little cracked corn/oats mix to goats ...chickens are in on the business very quickly.
Seems they must of sent the memo about morning brunch, as I had the guineas/chickens, goats/kids and baby calf all in the space together as blizzard was happening outside.  It was crowded but nobody noticed!

Now, this is what I did inside and the smells are wonderful when I enter the house! 

Lots to get ready for as Saturdays- Country Farmers Market begins May 25th!

Think Spring folks!   I know I'm ready and my fingers are itching to grow something! 

For the folks who wonder how my health is, its Fantastic!  I am doing chemo daily but take it orally, and my Oncologist catered it to me as I am a sensitive sort?!  Its working wonderfully now, and I don't notice any changes....other than needing to be outside more and enjoying these long sunny days! 
Wait....I think I'm like that every.single.year!
knock on wood....My Dr. told me this last Friday that I was Perfect!  I like that...."Perfect"...I think a long, long while from now, that's what I want on the headstone....Perfect!


  1. Oh!! Glad to hear you are doing so well!!! we actually have spring here in WA. Who knew it was possible? :) You go, girl. Perfect is, well, PERFECT! :)

  2. Wonderful spring post and such great news!! Keep up ALL the good work.