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Friday, July 6, 2012


I did a little road trip and picked up a little something for me.  To be exact though...its for Sharon and me, as that sporty ranger is going to be traveling the Badlands area in search of a few Fairburn Agates that are calling my name!  I need to be planning that trip and soon...
While picking up that Ranger, we took a roundabout way to the gent who sold me that cupola.   We, I was a little hesitant about it all fitting onto the trailer.  But my copilot was all go in making it fit! Backing it onto the trailer was genius.  It allowed that extra 6 inches we needed. 
Now for the progress report on the new barn!!  Pretty darn excited I am.
The fellas putting it together are careful, thorough and hard working.  They even worked on the 4th of July!
Course, it was the only day this last week that the temperature dropped into the lower 90's instead of 100, so it was refreshing to work without that stifling heat wave.

On Tuesday next week the steel siding goes up.   While I was taking photos, the fella on the roof hollered and asked me where I wanted that the middle? the end?  He was real nice about it too, so I think I'll have to be baking some caramel rolls next.  Yup, no whining, no complaining, no growling about a cupola.  They definitely deserve caramel rolls and maybe I'll have to do a lunch up for them next too!  I'll just wait to start spoiling them toward the final stages...don't want them getting to comfortable just yet. 
Now for that bright red and white tin to attached.  I'll be the talk of the neighborhood for sometime.  Especially with that grand ole cupola dead center.  This weekend I've got to paint it up..but haven't decided what color it should be.  Anyone have an idea on how it'll match out with a white roof?  I've seen them painted white and also a silver.  Silver seems sensible and it'ld still feel like the original look.  Bright white would take away from the age and art of the cupola...but it'ld look matching though.  Any ideas are welcome!


  1. Wow! Who knew there were actually good workers out there! As for the Cupola...I don't know, but I bet you'll come up with a winner. It will be an awesome barn all the way around and I can't wait to see it complete...especially that picture window. :)

  2. How exciting! It's huge!! I am excited to see the finished product and also what you will fill it with : )

  3. I'm guessing your cupola won't be big enough to stand up in and look out around you, but will it have a wind vane on it? If you're not sure about the color of the cupola, do a google image search on cupola and barns, it should give a variety of choices. Will there be daylight shining in anywhere around your barn? Enjoy! Looks great!

    1. I ordered the weather vane friday and oh yes on the light!! They put the windows and doors in later and actually today(Sunday) they are working!!! Can you believe that? They have the windows framed in now and I am thinking about asking for one more window facing the end. I have the top 3 feet along the 60ft length all done with the see through siding. Its got a special name but it'll allow light and nice warmth come winter. I'll have to check out google. As we were driving home from MN, my friend and I didn't miss a single cupola onto a barn. She is even so caught up by them that she noticed one on top the St Charles building and pointed it out at the farmers Market? I want to know the story on that!