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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Atticus weigh in...28 days later..

Nickys little foot in comparison to his....

he gains like I do...24 lbs in 28 days! He now weighs 75 lbs and is just a week shy of being 5 months old!! He doesn't seem to eat any more than the other dogs but boy does he pack it!

He is one big marshmallow! Just about the same size as Tess, but with all the puppy fur and not quite as stocky as Tess.

He is definitely loveable!!


  1. Wow! He is just gorgeous! I can't wait to see him grown! How is he doing at learning to be a guardian or is he still to young? I would love to have a dog,or two lol,like him one day!

  2. looking forward to another year of your blogs

  3. He's big for sure! Lovely boy... such nice feet. grin. He has a wonderful face! Puppies...gotta love them!

  4. Oh my Atticus has grown!! Wow!
    Couldn't help but notice the shoes in the one pic and the automatic feeders in another pic. Looks a lot like my house!!! :)
    Looking forward to this years posts from you.

  5. I could use a doggy like Atticus, to guard my goats!

    I have you in the drawing for the kid coat!