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Monday, December 20, 2010

There should be a prize for the biggest WORRIER!!

I would win it hands down...

My big dog Tess, she has had a tiny limp for a month. I am saying tiny limp too, you would watch her race across the field/yard/pasture like nothing was wrong...but on a slow walk...there it was. So watched her and was thinking it was most likely sprained. Not a bad limp but just a little hop on occassion.

Then this weekend, she went totally 3 legged! Not letting that bad paw touch the ground. So Saturday, while I did chores and she hopped was exactly like when one of the kids took fever on a friday night. Worry..Worry and Worry!! Was it going to get worse over the weekend and she would need it amputated?? Could it be Bone CANCER!!!??? Was I going to have to put her down because of the PAIN!!!???? ARRRGGGHHHH!!!

I had my son load her up and bring her to town today when I could get her an appt with the vet.

AND...after just talking to the vet, it seems she has an absess. Just simply draining it and having a little antibiotic! OK...OK...I feel so relieved now.

But really?? I can totally WORRY to the extreme...and it seems I'm getting better and better
and better.....

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  1. I don't think you are alone there! Easy to let things snowball... for me too! So glad things are fine with some antibiotic and TLC. You are such a good mom!