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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

seems all I have to do is....

try and do it myself. Then my son (mechanical engineering graduate) who came over and inspected my attempt at constructing kidding stalls sends me ideas on how to construct proper take down, sturdy panels for kidding stalls. I expect him on Saturday...I'll take all the help thats offered. This ole girl isn't too slow...not slow at all! (wink) Note the diagram he emailed me for a proper stall. p.s I am baking cookies!


  1. Yes, I think you can almost always get a helper for a plate of cookies! You are blessed with a handy and helpful son! New stalls will be great,wouldn't mind having some more of those myself.I guess I need to bake some cookies too,lol!

  2. Oh this is excellent. Sometimes all one needs is a point in the right direction. The next best thing to having someone else do it right?