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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Bad News...Good News!!

Ok, bad news is that the son who helps out with occassional issues with mechanical and building things is moving..OK ...some may not think thats all bad, I suppose as that is the intent with children...eventually!! For me..I like to think I always have someone who I can comfortably ask for help with jump starting vehicles, keeping cows in with fixing fences and replacing BobCat parts and engines..but all is not soo bad. I mean he is only moving some 1/8th of a mile down the road and bought a very large building with 8 acres. He is rennovating into a living quarters and warehouse for his Business and along with him goes his favorite dog...Here is the Good News! ...and her name is Tess...

See..I've wanted an LGD for a while now and since I have a few too many dogs...getting one more was just not practical. My dear sister sent me a classified on puppies for sale this weekend and my son just HAPPENED to be in that area of the state picking up materials for his new place. I called the lady and she talked about her goats( Alpines) and her 60+ goat operation and how she just built her Dream Milking Barn!! She had my full attention and I found her to be a person I could totally enjoy being friends with. I all but said, YES but had to call my sister who lives near her to beg her to travel to this place and pick up puppy to rendevous with my son. Her pups are from a Reg. Pyrenees and the Father is a Full Blood English Collie...and I had to look that one up..seems there are a thousand varieties of Collies. Now if she would of said the Father looked just like Lassie then I would of had an image....but I didn't want to sound too ignorant and just asked for their instincts on Herd Protection. She told me about the Mom and how she could hold off Mountain Lions in her territory and how she was gentle enough that she took in an abandoned doeling and was nursing it and keeping it cozy until she found her. Then all about the Dad being very family protective and a very self secure and confident. I was pretty wowwed by it all and also thrilled to finally decide on one. Now for the photos...and believe me she is as sweet as they come and since she was born and raised with lots of goats she is not afraid at all. Now to start with the anyone out there who knows lots on Guardian Dogs just give me a holler!! I hate to make too many mistakes and hope her instincts are pretty keen. Coyote season, I am afraid, is just around the corner!!


  1. Great shots of little Tess!

    We had plans to sent the first photo of her holding rubber Rambo knife, being the LGD that we would expect.

    Our other plan was to stop at the store and get aerosol whipped cream so we could spray a little around her snout and send that pic. We were going to tell you that the woman said she was a good dog but she might have rabies.

    The poor thing, having never been in a moving car was so car sick, I even held her (wrapped in Skip's sweatshirt!) to try to comfort her as we drove back.

    ......and we were so distracted with poor little Tess, that we didn't even notice that we were out of gas with the warning light on. We coasted into Hill City. Skip was gripping the steering wheel so hard, his hands were starting to cramp - like he was trying to will the vehicle to make it to the first gas pump. .....and me, I just had puppy barf drool from my shoulder to other shoulder, and under chin. She was even climbing up to rub her little snout up my neck to behind my ear. ahhhh, puppy barf with the essence of goat.

  2. and, in regard to "Wild Cat", how does said wild cat, being the LGC, feel about sharing duties with this upstart?

  3. Ok..Patty have done good..and we do not see any trace of scarring from her bumpy ride home. She ate like one of my cattle who are addicted to grain...they go deep with alot of snorting and gobbling. She drank half a ice cream pail of water so I believe she rehydrated quickly and it all stayed down...or...I think it did as there was not a trace in her pen this morning...eeewwww!!! I think she is just incredibly smart as she pooped only in one small corner of her pen and pooped aplenty. She also found the entrance to the goat pen from her side and when she had to vacate the area quickly from one particular grumpy gal,,she found the exit smart girl this one!! Also, wild Kitty is holding out judgement and is seeming pretty tempted now and actually allows a little rough play so I think they are going to be best buddies after they establish the pecking order of course!!

  4. Oh how very cool! I've always thought having a LGD would be so cool but I think our place is too small... I can't wait to hear how her training goes. She is adorable! I'm glad your son will only be 1/8 of a mile away... I was worried he was going far away!

  5. Tess is so cute!! I am afraid I am no help with training...I am a big softie!
    Now with the organizing you mentioned on my blog...I would love to come help with that. My aunt says I should start an organizing business. I love it!
    I'm glad your son is not going too far!!