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Friday, October 16, 2009

What Would YOU do!??

I took my youngest boy, 15, to the dentist. I asked like any good Momma if he needed me to go into the room with him. I got a huge...NO..and one of those sighing eye I guess he was going to suck it up. Well, while I am waiting and reading several magazines and relaxing on the comfy leather sofa, out came a lady who had been in with the Dr. already. She came out and sat down and I could tell she was about to I kept silent and tried not to bother her. She not only started crying, but had the saddest and heart wrenching sobbing going on and all while trying extremely hard to control it. I felt awful for her...I was trying to imagine what possibly had her so upset and what could I say to comfort her. I finally said with a compassionate expression "are you OK?" She mumbled yes...while still trying to keep it in check. Pretty soon she was all out sobbing and having one of those sobs that comes with losing a loved one...believe me I know and it looks ridiculous in public places. I am sorry I said, but can I do anything for you? Still she shook her head and softened her eyes...but I couldn't leave it alone and asked if she had lost someone? I didn't want it to sound like I was prying so I added a little humor and asked if the Dentist had done that to her. She did smile with that, but if I left her alone with her thoughts she would just sob all the more. I was actually surprised she stayed in the room. I know she had been with a teenager just before my son went in and she was most likely waiting. I also wonder if she would of walked outside and had a little more privacy if she could of stopped herself from going to that spot where you completely break down.

I've been wondering all day, What could I have done to make her feel better? She was a complete stranger and if I would of hugged her she may of punched me in the nose. Maybe I should of gotten her a drink of water or tissue.
I was totally caught off guard...seems I have been thinking I was the only one in the universe who could cry at a moments notice.
I guess I am not alone!


  1. I think the kindness showing her you noticed her and you reached out to her was enough. We can feel so alone at times like that and the fact that someone - you - showed her that you cared enough to ask was a very kind and loving act.

    Sometimes there just isn't anything to do... I'm glad you were there to ask if she was ok or if she needed anything. I bet she'll remember that moment ...

    You are a good, good person. It's difficult to get a glimpse into someone's complete and total despair and not be able to help more.

  2. She probably didn't get the sigh and "I can do this myself look" from her child aka teenager. He probably waited until they were in the room and then yelled to her,"Get the hell out of here." She probably has had this done before, maybe at home, in the car, but never in front of someone else. She was humilated and embarassed at the same time and mad at herself for breaking down. She was happy that you had at least care enough to talk to her. Probably a SC mom!!! We all know how nausty those kids can be!! : ) You did the right thing.