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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I want some info on Llamas!! I know...I know...but I like em!!

But she seemed to like me sooo much!! I think she could fit in nicely with my bunch...but I know nothing of Llamas?? Where do I start!???


  1. I have no idea... where did you find this one? Maybe her owner knows!

  2. craigs list and she lives only a couple miles from where I work...I think I might be in trouble!

  3. Oh I totally know how you feel. I have wanted a llama for years.

    There's good llamas and BAD llamas. Make sure they can be handled and haltered. Good llamas are so easy just a little nail trimming maybe twice a year. They're good guards. You can spin their fiber.

    I really hope you get a llama and post tons of pictures!

  4. I got my llama about 7 years ago and knew nothing about them. He has turned out to be a nice addition to the place. They are kind of like big goats. They even eat the same things. My llama is very aloof which is fine with us. He can be caught and his feet trimmed and his fiber sheared but likes his personal space. I find llamas very easy to care for.
    A wise person once told me you only live once and have to do things NOW.
    Just make sure it is one that is use to being handled.

  5. I think I see a Llama in your future :)

  6. Guess what...I just got 3 rescue llamas over the weekend...we can learn together! :-)