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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

End of Day 12-loss of memory

Not sure,,,but if I weighed right tonite, I have lost a total of 12 lbs. Now that seems nearly impossible as that would be 1lb a day. Do I remember right?? What did I actually weigh when I started? or is the digital scale off?? Batteries low??
What day is it anyway?? Ok,,perhaps I need to start drinking a little more water also.
I could be a bit dehydrated after the attack of Monday night and Tuesdays episode.
Not saying I am putting the skids on yet, since I have at least 25 more pounds to lose, but I will make a commitment to be eating closer to the 15 grms fat per meal from now on. Would hate to see my hair dry up and fall out, but I sure feel satisfyed afer eating and don't seem to need more. I have kept the calories pretty consistent at 1200-1400 a day without trying hard and still snacking if I am hungry -on good things though.
Fear of eating too much fat and the consequences of this pill really get my attention.
Now what was I saying????

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