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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Evening-Day Two

Worked outside till noon and came in to have a nice Lean Quisine meal of Chicken/stuffing with mashed potatoes. Cup of non fat Tapioca pudding.

Sat down and didn't open my eyes again until 3...must of been the triptafins.
Or some other sleep inducing assault,,could of been food tv. Anyway, comatose for several hours.

Cleaned house for a time and took down the large green object in corner of room gathering dust.

Back outside and realized the calves and cows that I had seperated in the morning were all waiting for me to open the gate for the cows to go to water. I was hoping they would figure out the other way to the source , but didn't seem to work. Filled the top tank as it is suppose to be warmer thru the week. Hopefully someone will note the other way to the barn and realize warmer water is waiting for them there.

Much crying from the baby room, but I took a bale of straw for them to play with and all were satisfyed for a bit. Trying to play, jump and tromp on that little bale will keep them entertained until dark and then they will all fight to lay on it for evening sleep.

Still no seismic tremors, volcanic disturbances or ominous noises.
There seems to be a hush over the world right now.
Leaving me to wonder.....

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